Past Students

  1. Ranganath Atreya (M.S. Fall 2004)
    Currently at Amazon ([email protected])

  2. Vedha C. Bharathi (M.S. Spring 2005)
    Currently at Proteans Software Solutions, Bangalore, India ([email protected])

  3. Prajwal K. Mohan (M.S. Summer 2005)
    Currently at Intel ([email protected])

  4. Vinay Madenur (M.S. Fall 2005)
    Currently at Qualcomm ([email protected])

  5. Tarun R. Belagodu (M.S. Spring 2006)
    Currently at Intel ([email protected])

  6. Kuppahalli L. Phaneesh (M.S. Summer 2006)
    Currently at Microsoft ([email protected])

  7. Sathya Peri (Ph.D. Summer 2007)
    Currently Faculty at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad ([email protected])

  8. Chowdhury Sucharit Barua (M.S. Fall 2007)
    Currently at Microsoft ([email protected])

  9. Vasant Patil (M.S. Fall 2008)
    Currently at Ericsson ([email protected])

  10. Tarun Bansal (M.S. Summer 2009) (co-advised with S. Venkatesan)
    Currently at Google ([email protected])

  11. Hai T. Vu (Ph.D. Summer 2009) (co-advised with S. Venkatesan)
    Currently at Cisco Systems ([email protected])

  12. Lee Savoie (M.S. Fall 2009)
    Currently at Raytheon ([email protected])

  13. Paul Johnson (M.S. Fall 2009) (co-advised with S. Venkatesan)
    Currently at Intel ([email protected])

  14. Divya Chandrasekaran (M.S. Spring 2010)
    Currently at MathWorks ([email protected])

  15. Ramon Novales (Ph.D. Fall 2010)
    Currently at Symantec ([email protected] )

  16. Yanyan Zeng (Ph.D. Summer 2011)
    Currently at JPMorgan Chase ([email protected])

  17. Aravind Natarajan (Ph.D. (Computer Engineering) Spring 2014)
    Currently at Qualcomm Research ([email protected])

  18. Arunmoezhi Ramachandran (Ph.D. Spring 2016)
    Currently at Tableau Software ([email protected])

Last Modified: February 17, 2016