Signal and Image Processing (SIP) Lab

The Signal and Image Processing (SIP) Lab at UTD was established in 2002 to conduct research in various aspects of signal and image processing. The SIP Lab current research thrusts are: (i) Development and real-time implementation of signal and image processing algorithms on mobile devices, in particular on smartphones, (ii) biomedical signal and image analysis. Current active projects include:

·         Real-time robust hand gesture recognition via depth camera and inertial sensor fusion

·         Real-time robust human action recognition via depth camera and inertial sensor fusion

·         Computationally efficient 3D point cloud reconstruction from video image sequences

·         Image handshake blur removal on smartphones

·        Development and real-time implementation of cochlear implant speech processing pipeline on smartphones

·         Noise classification for environment-adaptive noise suppression in cochlear implants

SIP Lab is equipped with the following hardware implementation platforms: DM350/DM320/DM270 (digital camera platforms), OMAP (mobile platforms), and           C6x-DSP boards.

The SIP Lab projects have been sponsored or supported by the following organizations:

Texas Instruments, National Instruments, National Science Foundation, UT Southwestern Medical Center, National Institutes of Health, Texas Medical Research Collaborative, Cochlear Limited, and UTD Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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