Teaching and Executive Education

Below courses have been designed, developed and taught by Professor Ozalp Ozer. Student evaluations for these courses have been consistently higher than the school averages and often they were the highest ratings among all courses offered during the same time period. Below is a partial list of courses taught by Professor Ozer. 

@ MIT - Sloan Executive Education Program

      MIT 15.734 Operations Management (Executive MBA) [Teaching Evaluation: 6.92/7.00 (Cohort A) 6.85/7.00 (Cohort B)]*

@ The University of Texas at Dallas

      MAS 6V08  Doctoral Seminar in Pricing Management (PhD) [Teaching Evaluation:5.00/5.00]

      MAS 6V01   Supply Chain Strategy (Executive MBA, MBA) [Teaching Evaluation: 4.91/5.00]**

      OPRE 6378  Information Enabled Supply Chains (MBA) [Teaching Evaluation: 4.96/5.00]**

      MAS 6v08  Information Enabled Supply Chains (MBA) [Teaching Evaluation: 5.00/5.00]**

      BA 3352 Operations Management (BA) [Teaching Evaluation: 4.90/5.00; 4.88/5.00] 

      **Highest teaching rating among all courses offered by School of Management during the same semester. 

         Source: http://provost.utdallas.edu/coursebook

@ Columbia University

      IEOR 4000 Production and Operations Management  [Teaching Evaluation: 4.86/5.0 Fall 2009]*

      IEOR 4220 Demand and Supply Analytics [course schedule] [Teaching Evaluation: 4.62/5.0 Spring 2009]*

      IEOR 8100 Advance Topics in Operations Management [Teaching Evaluation: 4.25/5.0 Spring 2009]

       *Highest teaching rating among all courses offered by IEOR during the same semester. Source: http://oracle.seas.columbia.edu/

@ Stanford University

      Stanford Executive Education Program - Supply Chain Management [Teaching Evaluation: higher than 4.75/5.0 for all engagements]

      MS&E 260 - Analysis of Production and Operating Systems [Teaching Evaluations: 4.47/5.0; 4.60/5.0; 4.83/5.0+]

      MS&E 263B- Demand and Supply Chain Analytics [Teaching Evaluation: 4.81/5.0 Spring 2007]+ 

      MS&E 363 - Advanced Models in Management Science [Teaching Evaluations: 4.50/5.0] 

      MS&E 364 - Single and Multi-Echelon Inventory Models [Teaching Evaluations: 5.0/5.0 Spring 2007]+

      MS&E 130 - Information Systems (taught before 2003)

      +Highest teaching rating among all courses offered by MS&E during the same quarter. Source: http://axess.stanford.edu