Capturing and Editing Digital Video in Final Cut Pro version 1.2

Still images:

  1. Cue the mini dv tape in the Sony video walkman to a point near the needed image(s), then push the pause button.
  2. In Final Cut Pro go to the File menu and choose log and capture.
  3. The log and capture window will open, choose capture now and push the play button on the video walkman.
  4. Allow the tape to play through all the images (9 mug shots) that you need, then push the escape button on the keyboard to end the capturing process.
  5. Close the log and capture window if desired.
  6. In the Viewer window, scroll through the video clip, using the yellow triangle, to the find the frame(s) needed.
  7. Go to the Modify menu and choose make still frame, a new Viewer window will appear with the still frame you have selected
  8. Go to the File menu and choose Export, then QuickTime; the Export window will appear.
  9. Name the file using the designated protocol. (see document, Video Clip Numbering…)
  10. Go to the Format menu in the Export window and choose Still image, then go to options and select TIFF as the export compression format.
  11. Before clicking on save, make sure that the file is going to the proper file.

Video images

  1. Follow steps 1 through 5 above for capturing the desired images.
  2. In the viewer window, select the in and out points for each clip by pressing I for in point and O for out point on the keyboard.
  3. To make the clip a specific time length (for specific clip lengths, see document, Video Clip Numbering…), scroll through the clip, using the yellow triangle, to find the in point and press I on the keyboard. Go to the clip time length window in the upper right hand corner of the Viewer window, type 10:00, and press Enter.
  4. Click on and drag the image in the Viewer window to the right into the Canvas and choose Overwrite Edit.
  5. Follow steps 8 through 11 above for saving your edited images, however in the Format menu choose DV Stream as the export compression format. Also, you will not need to select the options menu.