Positions and Responsibilities for HumanID Collection

Videographer at GR4.205 (Perception Lab)

Set Up:

1. Set up camera and tripod using the designated protocol (see document, Aligning the Camera...)

2. Place photofloods on the marked locations.


3. Make sure that the hanging markers are all present and positioned correctly.

  1. Place gray bib on the participant, and seat them in the chair.
  2. Adjust the camera height to align the cross hairs in the viewfinder with the eye-line and nose-line of the participant.
  3. Collect the mug shots, exploration video, dynamic facial speech video, and emotion video using the designated protocols (see document, Collection Protocols…)
  4. Repeat any of these that are unsatisfactory.
  5. Make necessary adjustments to camera alignment during and between participants.
  6. Turn of photofloods between participants, and allow to cool for approximately 10 minutes.

Assistant at GR4.205 (Perception Lab)


  1. Set up the waiting area outside of the lab with a two desks, pens, lamp, etc.
  2. Make sure that plenty of blank consent forms and questionnaires are in the assigned tray.


1. Upon arrival, check to see if the participant is a duplicate by having them pick themselves out of the mug shot folder.

a. If they are a duplicate, write their existing Id number on both the dry erase board and hand it to them. Let them know that they need to keep it throughout their participation.

    1. If this is their first time to participate, assign them a new Id number and write it on both their questionnaire and the dry erase board. Again, let them know that they need to hold on to the dry erase board throughout the hour.

2. Have the participant read and sign the consent form, regardless if they are old or new to the collection.

  1. Give an explanation of the data collection to each participant and answer any questions they might have.
  2. Fill in all information for each participant on the GR4.205 log sheet.

Videographer at Ida Green Center

Set Up:

  1. Put down all tape markers for each of the three videos.
  2. Align the camera for the gait and conversation videos using the designated protocols. (see document, Collection Protocols…)


  1. Fill in all information for each subject on the Ida Green log sheet
  2. Collect the gait and conversation videos.
  3. Repeat any of these that are unsatisfactory.
  4. Make necessary adjustments to the camera during and between participants.


1. Shuttle participants from the Perception Lab to the Ida Green center.

  1. Explain the gait and conversation videos to the participant.
  2. Co-star in the conversation videos as "the dummy."
  3. Sign the participants experimental credit form.
  4. Collect and return their dry erase board.