Converting DV Stream Files to QuickTime Files for use in Psyscope

  1. Open the file in Final Cut Pro.
  2. Go to the File menu, and choose Export, then QuickTime; the Export window will appear.
  3. Go to Format in the Export window and select QuickTime Movie.
  4. Click on Options; the Movie Settings window will appear.
  5. Remove the checkmarks from both the Sound and Prepare for Internet Streaming boxes, by clicking on them.
  6. Click on Settings; the Compression Settings window will appear.
  7. Go to the Compressor portion of the window and select Motion JPEG A in the 1st drop box.
  8. In the same Compressor portion of the window, the 2nd drop box should be modified to read Color.
  9. In the Quality portion of the window, move the sliding tab to the Medium setting (a value of 50).
  10. In the Motion portion of the window, change the Frames per Second value to 12 fps.
  11. Do not click on the Options button.
  12. Click OK and then name the file.
  13. Locate the directory you wish to place the file in, and click Save.