A Research Workshop on Bifurcations in Oscillators with Elastic and Impact Constraints has been held on November 4 – November 6, 2009 at Imperial College London, United Kingdom. The workshop brought together 23 researchers from 9 countries to strength the link between the theory of simple oscillators with piecewise smooth stiffness (including impact oscillators) and mechanical applications (in particular, atomic force microscopy). 10 large lectures have been delivered over the days of the meeting.
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The organisers Oleg Makarenkov and Jeroen Lamb (Imperial College London) wish to thank the participants for their interest in the workshop that allowed it to be successful.


Harry Dankowicz (Illinois, USA) Rafael Ortega (Granada, Spain)
Alexander Ivanov (Moscow, Russia) Oliver Payton (Bristol, UK)
Sergey Kryzhevich (St Petersburg, Russia) Luca Placidi (Rome, Italy)
Alain Leger (Marseille, France) Robert Szalai (Bristol, UK)
Anatoly Neishtadt (Loughborough, UK) Kazuyuki Yagasaki (Niigata, Japan)

Program, abstracts and presentations: (click photo to enlarge)

Anatoly Neishtadt 4 November 9:00-10:00
Anatoly Neishtadt
(Loughborough, UK)
On adiabatic perturbation theory for systems with impacts
abstract presentation: pdf
Kazu Yagasaki 5 November 9:00-10:00
Kazuyuki Yagasaki
(Niigata, Japan)
Subharmonic Melnikov method and its application to bi- and tri-linear oscillators
abstract presentation: pdf

Rafael Ortega 6 November 9:00-10:00
Rafael Ortega
(Granada, Spain)
Twist maps with non-periodic angles
abstract presentation: pdf
Luca Placidi 4 November 10:00-11:00
Luca Placidi
(Rome, Italy)
Soft contact dynamics of an impacting bilinear oscillator: numerical simulation and hints for describing an impacted cantilever beam
abstract presentation: pdf
Oliver Payton 5 November 10:00-11:00
Oliver Payton
(Bristol, UK)
Mathematical model of tapping mode AFM; comparison between theory and experiment
Sergey Kryzhevich 6 November 10:00-11:00
Sergey Kryzhevich
(St Petersburg, Russia)
Smale horseshoes in dynamical systems with impacts
abstract presentation: pdf
Harry Dankowicz 5 November 11:30-12:30
Harry Dankowicz
(Illinois, USA)
Degenerate discontinuity-induced bifurcations in apping-mode atomic-force microscopy

Robert Szalai 4 November 14:00-15:00
Robert Szalai
(Bristol, UK)
Arnol'd Tongues Arising from a Grazing-sliding Bifurcation
Alexander Ivanov 5 November 14:00-15:00
Alexander Ivanov
(Moscow, Russia)
On the "smoothing" of discontinuous bifurcations
abstract presentation: pdf
Alain Leger 6 November 14:00-15:00
Alain Leger
(Marseille, France)
Dynamics of discrete systems with nonregularized impact and friction
abstract presentation: pdf