The Teaching Interests of

Christopher A. Parr

This last spring (2001), Dr. Parr taught Honors Freshman Chemistry II Lecture (Chm 1316) and Lab (Chm 1216). His interests in the applications of mathematics and physics to chemistry problems lends itself to both of these courses. As with many of his other courses (below), both have World Wide Web teaching components of lecture notes, homework and exam solutions, and email contact with his students.

Last fall (2000), Dr. Parr was responsible for the first semester of the above courses. Their syllabi are found at Chm 1315 and Chm 1215. He has also taught Physical Chemistry I (Chm 3411).

In Summer (1999) Chris taught General Chemistry I from (Brady and Holum). Fall (1998), Dr. Parr taught both Physical Chemistry I and General Chemistry II (Chm 1321).

In prior semesters, Dr. Parr has taught CHM 5414 Advanced Thermodynamics in the Chemistry Graduate Programs. He has also taught that subject, CHM 3312 (P.Chem. II), and its laboratory, CHM 4373, at the undergraduate level. In Summer 1996, he taught Freshman Chemistry as a Web-augmented course based on the text of Gillespie, Easton, Humphreys, and Robinson.

Since Dr. Parr's research has been in Theoretical Chemistry, he has enjoyed teaching Computers in Chemistry when it was part of the Doctor of Chemistry curriculum.

Beyond Chemistry, Chris teaches an interdisciplinary course in Computer Art and its laboratory, IS 4201/4102, and has helped out other Programs with courses of Calculus, Computer Programming and Data Structures. One of his favorite courses was Atmospheric Chemistry, but demand for it died with the demise of the Environmental Sciences Program at UTD.

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