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This page uses JavaScript menus and Cascading Style Sheets, so if you have an older browser it may look rather boring. (If you look at the source for this page, you'll see why.) I do try to write all my pages so they will look presentable in older browsers, so that if the beauty isn't there, at least the content will still be readable and useful. However, even in a newer browser, if you have JavaScript disabled, you won't be able to see the menus. All my pages are also Bobby approved. I think accessibility is important, so I take it seriously when writing web pages.

If you're looking for my script to archive snort alerts, you can download it here.

Before you navigate through my pages (by clicking on the links in the menu in the upper left hand corner of your screen), you might be interested in looking at the "getName" Javascript I wrote. It allows a visually impaired viewer to navigate the anchors of a web page (the #<string> links on a page) using the names of the links and the ENTER key. You can see how it works at the Computer Acronyms page. If you'd like a copy, you can download the "getName.jar" archive that contains signed copies of the two files; getName.js and getBrowser.js. (You call them by putting the following in the <HEAD> section of your web page:
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript 1.2" ARCHIVE="getName.jar" SRC="getBrowser.js"></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript 1.2" ARCHIVE="getName.jar" SRC="getName.js"></SCRIPT>. getBrowser.js must be first.)

Now let's talk about some issues that I think are important. The Internet is, and always has been about the free exchange of information and ideas. In my opinion, anything that inhibits that freedom should be fought at all costs. However, when the exercise of freedom turns in to abuse of other people's resources, I think that the use of the argument that freedom should be unrestrained is disingenuous.

One of the greatest threats to the internet is spam; that ubiquitous effluent that spills from the keyboards of people who don't mind stealing your money. Why stealing? Because every time they send you their electronic junk mail, they transfer the delivery cost to you. If you don't understand that or just want more information, look at my anti-spam page and my study of court decisions pertaining to spam or go to the C.A.U.C.E. home page. If you're fed up with spam and want to fight back, try Spamkiller™ which will filter out spam and allow you to fight back aggressively against spam by complaining to the originating sites. If that's not to your liking, try Tucows and find software you do like. At the very least, complain to your own ISP. Don't let the Internet become junk mail heaven!

One of the greatest things the Internet *does* is give you a voice in Washington. If you're a US citizen, and you haven't already been a regular contributor to your Congress person's in box, go to the C.A.U.C.E. web site and get their names and addresses and start telling them what you think. (Unfortunately, far too few of them have email addresses, but we're gaining on them. <g>) A lot of politicians have been "turning off" their email addresses and switching to web pages where you can fill out a form to mail them. (I guess the spam has gotten to them too.)

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Finally, if any of this makes sense to you, get involved! If you can't take action while staring at your computer screen, there's no hope. It is mid-day of the electronic age. Time's a-wasting. If we don't fight to make this the bastion of freedom and openness, the governments of the world will take it over, and you'll see what they want you to see. Already, Australia is proposing laws to make certain content on web sites illegal. While I am not in favor of some of that content, I strongly oppose efforts to control content on the Internet. Only an informed and active citizenry can stop the governments of the world from ruining the Internet and severely lessening its value.

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