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CS 6371 - 001

FALL 1999


Scheme System
Here is a diskfull of files to install Scheme on your PC. Download them all and follow instructions. You may want to try the next file and see if it works on your system, however.

Here is a "self-extracting" file which one of the students in CS4337 prepared and should install Scheme on your system. I have not tried it.

Here is additional Scheme information.

Scheme Code
Here is the "lispcode" file with lots of Scheme examples. Note, in particular, how to do IO in Scheme.

Sethi Exercises Code
Here is the "sethi418.s" file with solutions to Sethi's problems on page 418.

Scheme Homework Code
Here my solutions to the Scheme homework problems. Of course there are many ways to do the same thing.


Go to for more than you want to know about the Haskell language! There you can find compilers and tutorials.
Here is the "user.hs" file.

Here is the "BSTree.hs" file. The idea of a Binary Search Tree together with some additional Haskell syntax is here.


Here is a ZIP file containing a version of Prolog. It runs under Windows (not DOS). See below for the URL of a site with a newer version!

Here is how to do input and output in PROLOG.

Sethi Prolog Code
Here is some Prolog code from Sethi. Don't forget the IO code mentioned above.
AI "Learner" Program
Here is the AI program "" as demonstrated in class. The file is included as a comment.
A newer version of SWI-Prolog is available at: