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Welcome to the home page for Section 1 of EE2300. Students should use this site whenever possible in order to reduce everyone's paper load (and copying costs).

Please visit this page frequently. It will be the most promptly updated source of information for the class. This page will also provide lecture outlines, homework assignments for those who are traveling out of town, hints for the problems, simulation software, etc.

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EE/CE/MECH 2300 Linear Algebra for Engineers (3 semester hours credit)

Matrices, vectors, linear systems of equations, Gauss-Jordan elimination, LU factorization and rank. Determinants and solutions of linear systems. Vector spaces, linear dependence/independence, basis, and change of basis. Linear transformations and matrix representation; similarity. Scalar products, othogonality, Gram-Schmidt process, and QR factorization. Eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and diagonalization; singular-value decomposition. Problem solving using MATLAB.

Students cannot receive credit for both EE/CE/MECH 2300 and MATH 2418.

Corequisite: CS 2419.

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