Multimedia Systems

CS 6v81, Fall 2012

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Course Description:
  1. Introduction to Multimedia Systems
    1. Broad characteristics, requirements, and what makes them different
  2. Operating System Requirements
    1. Disk layout, and scheduling.
  3. Media Characteristics & Compression Techniques
    1. Audio, Images, Video, 3D Models, and 3D Motions
  4. Metadata Generation
    1. Image & Video Segmentation, Shape-based 3D Retrieval
  5. Indexing Structures
    1. R-trees family, Interval trees family, Special structures for 3D Motion data indexing
  6. Streaming Multimedia Data
    1. Video streaming, 3D models streaming, 3D animation streaming
  7. Watermarking Techniques & Security
    1. General strategies, emphasis on 3D watermarking, Security Architectures.
  8. Multimedia Server Architectures
Prerequisite:Consent of Teacher; Under-grad operating systems, networking, data structures.

Reference Book: "Multimedia Database Management Systems", B. Prabhakaran, Kluwer Academic publishers.
Reference Book: "Multimedia Systems" ( by Ralf Steinmetz and Klara Nahrstedt (Kindle Edition - April 28, 2004) - Kindle Book
Reference Papers: Each chapter in the text book has a set of reference papers from which the topics are discussed. Students can go through the topics in more detail by reading those reference papers.

Teaching Assistant:   Ziying Tang
Email:   [email protected]
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 4:45-6:45pm in my Lab: ECSS 4.416;