pradipta ray

2003 2008

I am a trivia junkie per se, with special interest in literature, natural history and etymology. Many moons ago, I used to represent the quiz team "JU Public" in the Kolkata college and open quiz circuits. I was also the co-founder of the Jadavpur University Quiz Club - Enquiry. I have been quizmaster at several quizzes, including the Tech Quiz (Techknowhow) and Computation Quiz (Sanganana) at IIT Kharagpur. In my spare time these days, I add material to and copyedit Wikipedia (my home page)

I am also an attendant of the wonderful Carnegie Mellon quiz club.

Read a great little article by Tintinda on Calcutta quizzing here. Reprised here. Backward links this.

I also keep a rarely-updated trivia blog on the web.