Since Jan 2003, I have been working as Research Assistant in the Applied Logic, Programming Languages and Systems Lab (ALPS) under Professor Dr.Gopal Gupta.


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Advanced Software Engineering

Advanced Operating Systems

Advanced Computer Networks

Software Architecture and Design


Computational Logic

Undergraduate Thesis

Synthesis and Optimization of High Performance Systems

Compiler Construction

Advanced Network Services

Graduate Thesis

Advanced Software Engineering Project                                  


As a member of a five person team, developed the JFreeChart Assistant Tool that assists the developers using the JFreeChart library. This tool when given a chart specification automatically generates code for drawing the specified chart using the JFreeChart Package.

Advanced Operating System Projects                                     


1. Implementation and Analysis of Raymond’s Token based Mutual Exclusion Algorithm

            Project Description  

            Source Code and Analysis


2. Design and Analysis of  “Sender Initiated and Receiver Initiated“ load sharing Algorithms.

            Project Description

            Source Code and Analysis


Advanced Computer Networks Project                                  

          A protocol for Reliable Source Specific Multicast (SSM)



                        Implementation Results

                                    Source Code

          Network Packet Loss Simulator

                        Problem Definition

                        Source Code and Analysis

          Analysis of Network traffic using Snoop (Solaris)

                        Problem Definition

                        Analysis Files

Software Architecture and Design                                         


            1. Extreme Programming (XP) from a Software Architectural Perspective

                        Term Paper


            2. Infominer, a growing search engine using J2EE


            3. KWIC System (Key Word in Context)


Computational Logic                                                              


            Expert System which advices students regarding their graduation status using Prolog

                        About the project

                        Source Code

Undergraduate Thesis Project                                               

          Garbage Collector for the C Programming Language


Designed and implemented an algorithm which does dynamic memory management at the OS level by implementing a Conservative Garbage Collector to improve the functionality of the 'C' programming language. This project was done in the Free BSD Platform. This tool is currently being used by the students at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India (Thesis project)