A Garbage Collector For The C Programming Language

-by Ramakrishnan Venkitaraman, Baskar Ramamoorthy, S.Prince and V.S.Vijayraj

Project Completion Date: April 2002


Are you a C programmer??


This page is for C programmers interested in improving the functionality of the C programming Language.


Do you allocate dynamic memory??


Our Project deals with Automatic Dynamic Memory Management


Are you tired of freeing up unused memory in your programs??


Then our Garbage Collector is just for you.


Thanks for your interest in our work. As a part of our final year student project, we have implemented a Garbage Collector for the C programming language from scratch. You can download it here. Its free and open source... Our GC library will help prevent common pointer bugs in C including memory leaks and null pointer dereferencing. Try it and let us know! We really appreciate your feedback and criticism.


Feel free to contact us at [email protected]


The project was done as a part of the undergrad thesis in computer science at Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India


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Get our Garbage Collector’s Source Code.

Get the Read Me File for our Garbage Collector

Get the User Manual (short version) for our Garbage Collector

Download our “Complete Garbage Collection work for C (zip file)” (includes a power point presentation and documentation amongst others).



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