Raul Rojas, Ph.D., CCC-SLP




On November 18, 2011, the American Speech-Language Hearing Foundation awarded me a $10,000 New Century Scholars Research Grant, which is intended to support my work on the bilingual language growth of English Language Learners (ELLs).

My my co-author (Dr. Aquiles Iglesias) and I were the recipients of the Annual editorial award for a feature article in The ASHA Leader that advances the practice of Speech-Language Pathology. We were recognized at the 2010 ASHA Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

Member Spotlight on p. 5, recognizing members of the ASHA Hispanic Caucus that received awards at the 2010 ASHA convention in Philadelphia, PA. Science to Practice contribution on p. 6, outlining the principal findings of my work to date on the bilingual language growth of English Language Learners, future steps, and the association between language growth data and clinical practice.

The ISB8 Committee selected me as a recipient for a travel grant, which facilitated my ability to travel and present at ISB8, which was held in Oslo, Norway this year.

This forthcoming book, edited by Sharynne McLeod and Brian Goldstein, aims to provide a translational research-to-clinical practice perspective for the assessment and treatment of speech sound disorders in children, representing over 100 languages and dialects. My co-author (Dr. Raúl Prezas) and I contributed a translation to practice chapter dealing with speech assessment of Spanish-English bilingual children in the United States.

News article detailing the Callier Postdoctoral Fellowship, and the opportunities it presents for the current generation of Callier Center Postdocs, including my research interests and goals as well as those of my Postdoctoral colleague Dr. Asimina Syrika.

A recent study by Garcia et al. (in press) was profiled by the Dallas-Forth Worth affiliate of The CW, Channel 33 news. I was interviewed as part of this news story, which aired on September 21, 2011.

News article detailing the New Century Scholars Research Grant, awarded to me by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation, as well as the publication of my dissertation findings in Child Development and my transition to a tenure track Assistant Professor position in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at UT Dallas in September 2012.

Lessons for Success is a highly selective and intensive workshop for early career investigators that provides training in grant writing, development of a programmatic and independent research program, and obtaining tenure. Training is provided by an elite group of mentors whose research has been continuously funded throughout their careers. I was selected to attend the 10th annual Lessons for Success Research Workshop, which was held at ASHA’s national office.