Implementation of advanced data structures and algorithms (Fall 2017)

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Dec 4: (Driver program for testing LP8).
	rbkLP8 outputs for LP7 test inputs: t1(615):7985, t2(938):11980 t3(2236):27570 t4(227):16134. (Driver program for testing LP8).
	rbkLP9 outputs for LP7 test inputs: t1:27988, t2:554562 t3:2215297 t4:558975.
Dec 2: (big input for LP72). Output: 5672.

Dec 1:	List of topics for exam on Wed, Dec 13

Dec 1:	Use the EC Total link and make 2 submissions: just type names of members of your group in the text box.
	LP72 (due: Dec 10), (driver program for LP72).

Nov 30: (Driver program for LP8 that works with sample inputs for LP7.

Nov 28:	LP6 test cases, LP7 test cases (driver programs included).

Nov 26: Sample inputs for LP9.

Nov 25: LP8 outputs included for LP7 inputs. LP7 and LP8 outputs are verified.

Nov 22: Zip file with 2 more inputs for LP6 (with identical).

Nov 22:	Zip file with 2 inputs for LP6 (with purge and removeAll operations at the end).

Nov 22: More inputs for LP7. Outputs (of LP7) are verified.
	To run the new data files, download again (on elearning).
	Outputs of LP6 sample inputs have been verified.

Nov 21: Errors in outputs corrected (LP6).  Download the files again.

Nov 21:	Zip file with 4 inputs for LP6 (outputs have not been verified).
	Verbose outputs of lp6-in[234].txt

Nov 21:	Sample inputs for LP7 (outputs are unverified). (Driver program for LP7 with cap = 1 for all edges).

Nov 20:	Input file for LP6, (driver code)

Nov 17:	SP10 (due: Sun, Dec 3).
	LP10 (due: Sun, Dec 10) (no second deadline).

Nov 15: Error in output of f.1 corrected in LP4 test cases.

Nov 14:	LP4 test cases

Nov 10:	LP8 revised.  Download description and starter code again.

Nov 9:	LP6 (1d: Nov 26, 2d: Dec 3)
	LP7 (1d: Nov 26, 2d: Dec 10)
	LP8 (1d: Dec 3, 2d: Dec 10)
	LP9 (1d: Dec 3, 2d: Dec 15)

Nov 8:	SP9 (due Sun, Nov 19).

Nov 7:	LP5 test cases (also includes driver program).

Nov 7:	Sample inputs for LP4 (updated): with bigger inputs for LP4f.

Nov 3:	LP4: Errors in outputs of Part e corrected.  Download sample inputs again.

Nov 2:	Sample inputs for LP4

Oct 31:	LP3 test cases

Oct 27:, Test inputs for SP7

Oct 26:	LP5 (1d: Nov 5, 2d: Nov 19).

Oct 20:	SP8 (due Sun, Oct 29).
	LP4 (1st deadline: Sun, Nov 12, final deadline: Sun, Nov 19

Oct 14: Two big test cases for LP3

Oct 11:	LP2 test cases (zip file)

Ovt 9:	Sample inputs for LP3:

Oct 6:	Long project LP3 (1st deadline: Sun, Oct 29, 2nd deadline: Sun, Nov 12).

Oct 4:	Short project SP7 (due Sun, Oct 22).

Sep 29:	Error in LP1 test cases fixed. Zip file has been updated.
	Code in partition2() had error. Remove last line (i++ j--) of loop.

Sep 27:	LP1 test cases (zip file)

	Short project SP6 (due Sun, Oct 8).

Sep 22:	Short project SP5 (due Sun, Oct 1).

Sep 20:	Sample inputs for LP2: lp2-in2.txt, lp2-in3.txt
	Big input for LP2: (23M compressed, 81M expanded, 500K nodes, 5.2M edges).

Sep 19:	Long project LP2 (1st deadline: Sun, Oct 8, final deadline: Sun, Oct 15).

Sep 15:	Short project SP4 (due Sun, Sep 24).

Sep 12: LP1: Added missing line to grammar "term % factor" for operator %
	     Errors in sample data files corrected.

Sep 11:	Sample inputs for LP1 (lev 3 and 4)

Sep 8:	Type of base changed to long in (lp1).
	Short project SP3 (due Sun, Sep 17).

Sep 6:	Long project LP1 (1st deadline: Sun, Sep 24, final deadline: Sun, Oct 8).

Aug 30:	Short project SP2 (due Sun, Sep 10).

Aug 28:	Java classes Graph, Shuffle, Timer udated as discussed on forum.

Aug 25:	If you have a team already, sign-up for your group by 8:00 PM tonight. 
	Everyone else will be placed in groups by instructor.

	If you are using github to host your projects, set it up as private.
	Students can get free licenses from github for hosting private repositories:

	Class discussion: Are students allowed to do their projects in C++ or Python?

Aug 24:	Short project SP1 (due Sun, Sep 3)

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