CS 4349.003: Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis(Spring 2017)

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4/20: Assignment 7 (due Tue, 4/27).

4/19: Topics for final exam on Thu, May 4

4/13: Sample runs of APSP algorithms
      Lecture notes (Dr. Wayne at Princeton):
	Binomial heaps, Fibonacci heaps

4/12: Assignment 6 (due Tue, 4/25).

3/30: Topcs for Quiz 2 on Thu, Apr 6: Graphs, BFS, DFS, Minimum spanning trees

3/23: Assignment 5 (due Tue, 4/4).

3/9:  Assignment 4 (due Thu, 3/23).

2/28: Office hours of TAs have been changed as follows.
      Hemant Malik: Mon 3:00-5:00, Wed 2:00-4:00, at ECSS 2.103B1.
      Ken Ueda: Tue/Thu 12:00-2:00, at ECSS 2.104A1.

2/23: Topics for mid-term exam on Thu, Mar 2: Contents of lectures 1-14.
      Mathematical techniques, Recurrences, Run time analysis, Correctness,
      Divide and conquer, Dynamic programming, Greedy algorithms.
      Closed book/notes, Photo ID required.

2/16: Assignment 3 (due Tue, 2/28).

2/9:  Mid-term exam will be held on Thu, March 2 (instead of Feb 23 as announced earlier).

2/3:  Topics for quiz (Closed book/notes, Photo ID required) on Thu, Feb 9:
      Mathematical techniques, Recurrences, Run time analysis, Correctness,
      Divide and conquer algorithms (Lectures 1-8).

1/31: Assignment 2 (due Thu, 2/9).

1/30: Teaching assistant #1: Hemant Malik [email protected]
      Office hours of Hemant: Mon 3-5, Wed 2-4 [was Mon/Wed 3:00-5:00 PM] at Open Lab ECSS 2.103B1.

      Teaching assistant #2: Ken Ueda kxu140030utdallas.edu
      Office hours of Ken: Tue/Thu 12:00-2:00 [was Tue/Thu 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM] at ECSS 2.104A1.

1/19: Assignment 1 (due Tue, 1/31).

1/13: Practice problems: Find the running times of these algorithms.
      This is not a homework assignment.

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