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Robert Morris and Alex Piquero. For Whom Do Sanctions Deter and Label? Justice Quarterly. (In Press, accepted 10/2011).

Erin Orrick* and Robert Morris. “Do Technical Violators Pose a Public Safety Threat: The Case of Inmate Misconduct?” Crime and Delinquency. In Press. PRESS RELEASE

Robert Morris and Heith Copes. Exploring the Temporal Dynamics of the Neutralization/Delinquency Relationship. Criminal Justice Review. In Press.

Brie Diamond*, Robert G. Morris, and J.C. Barnes. Individual and Group IQ Predict Inmate Violence. Intelligence. 40 (2012): 115-112. PRESS RELEASE

Robert G. Morris, Michael L. Carriaga*, Brie Diamond*, Nicole L. Piquero, and Alex R. Piquero. Does Prison Strain Lead to Prison Misbehavior? An Application of General Strain Theory. Journal of Criminal Justice. (In Press, Accepted 12/2012).

Worrall, John L. and Robert G. Morris. Prison Gang Integration and Inmate Violence. Journal of Criminal Justice, In Press.

Scott Menard and Robert Morris. Integrated Theory and Crimes of Trust. Journal of Quantitative Criminology 28: 365-387.

Henriikka Weir*, Daniel M. Stewart, and Robert G. Morris. Problematic Alcohol Consumption by Police Officers and Other Protective Service Employees: A Comparative Analysis. Journal of Criminal Justice 40 (2012): 72-82.

Robert G. Morris, Jurg Gerber, and Scott Menard. Social Bonds, Self-control, and Adult Criminality: A Nationally Representative Assessment of Hirschi's Revised Self-control Theory. Criminal Justice and Behavior. 38 (2011): 584-599

Johnson, Matthew C., Robert G. Morris, and Scott Menard. Historical Invariance in Delinquency Causation: A Test of Equivalent Models of Delinquency for Two Generations of Adolescents. Crime and Delinquency. (In press, accepted 10/24/2011).

J.C. Barnes, and Robert Morris. Young Mothers, Delinquent Children: Assessing Mediating Factors among American Youth. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice. (In press, accepted 8/12/2011). Author order chosen randomly.

Erin A. Orrick*, Worrall, J.L, Morris, R.G., Bales, W.D., Wang, X, and Piquero, A.R. Testing Social Support Theory: A Multilevel Analysis of Recidivism. Journal of Criminal Justice. 39 (2011): 499-508.

Robert G. Morris, and Matthew C. Johnson. Sedentary Activities, Peer Behavior, and Delinquency among American Youth. Crime and Delinquency. (In Press) DOI: 10.1177/0011128710386205

Robert G. Morris, and John L. Worrall. Prison Architecture and Inmate Misconduct: A Multilevel Assessment. Crime and Delinquency. (In Press) DOI: 10.1177/0011128710386204

Lynne Vieraitis, Sara Britto, and Robert G. Morris. Assessing the Impact of Changes in Gender Equality on Female Homicide Victimization 1980-2000. Crime and Delinquency. (In Press)-Accepted 5/2011.

J.C. Barnes, Brian B. Boutwell, Robert G. Morris, and Todd A. Armstrong. Explaining differential patterns of self-reported delinquency: Evidence from a latent class analysis of sibling pairs. Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. (In press, accepted 8/14/2011)

Brie Diamond*, Robert G. Morris, and Jonathan Caudill*. Sustaining families, dissuading crime: The effectiveness of a family preservation program with male delinquents. Journal of Criminal Justice. 39 (2011): 338-343.

Worrall, J. L. & Morris, R. G. Taking Inmate Misconduct to the Next Level: The Effect of Custody classification on Prison Rule Violations. The Prison Journal. (2011) 91:131-157.

Scott Menard, Robert G. Morris, and Jurg Gerber. Distribution and Correlates of Self-reported Crimes of Trust. Deviant Behavior. 32 (2011): 877-917.[DOWNLOAD .PDF]

* indicates Program in Criminology Graduate Student

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Robert Morris, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Criminology

Director, Center for Crime & Justice Studies