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Undergraduate Dynamics

ME 2330: Dynamics, Fall 2013
Kinematics and kinetics of particles, planar rigid bodies, three-dimensional rigid bodies and equations of motion. Methods utilizing force and acceleration, work and energy and impulse and momentum. Single degree of freedom vibration systems are and simulation tools are introduced.

Elgersburg School on Nonlinear Control

Co-Instructor (with Prof. Randy Freeman)
3rd Elgersburg School, Spring 2011
Institut fur Mathematik, Technical University Ilmenau
Elgersburg, Germany
Organizers: Achim Ilchmann, Timo Reis, Fabian Wirth
Nonlinear Control Exercises.MATLAB Code.Solutions available upon request.

Introduction to Robotics

Graduate Teaching Assistant
ECE 470: Introduction to Robotics, Fall 2008
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Instructor: Prof. Seth Hutchinson
Fundamentals of robotics, rigid motions, homogeneous transformations, forward and inverse kinematics, velocity kinematics, motion planning, trajectory generation, sensing, vision, and control.

Topics (as modified from course syllabus):
  • Introduction: Historical development of robots; basic terminology and structure; robots in automated manufacturing
  • Rigid Motions and Homogeneous Transformation: Rotations and their composition; Basic group theory; Euler angles; roll-pitch-yaw; homogeneous transformations; Matlab and Mathematica code for symbolic and numerical computation
  • Forward Kinematics: Common robot configurations; Denavit-Hartenberg convention; A-matrices; T-matrices; examples
  • Inverse kinematics: Planar mechanisms; geometric approaches; spherical wrist
  • Velocity kinematics: Angular velocity and acceleration; The Jacobian; singular configurations; singular values; pseudoinverse; manipulability
  • Motion planning: Configuration space; artificial potential fields; randomized methods; collision detection
  • Trajectory generation: Joint space interpolation; polynomial splines; trapezoidal velocity profiles; minimum time trajectories
  • Feedback control: Actuators and sensors; transfer functions; tracking and disturbance rejection; PID control; feed forward control; resolved motion rate control
  • Vision-based control: The geometry of image formation; feature extraction; feature tracking; the image Jacobian; visual servo control Advanced Topics (one or more of the following depending on the instructor): Lagrangian dynamics; parallel robots; mobile robots; force sensing and force control; machine learning; advanced topics in vision; student projects; other

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