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What is Plate Tectonics?

Robert Hatcher

Did PT begin in Neoproterozoic time?

Robert Stern

Did PT begin in Paleoproterozoic time?

Wouter Bleeker

Did PT begin in Late Archean time?

Kent Condie

Did PT begin in Early Archean time?

Hugh Smithies

Did PT begin in Hadean time?

Mark Harrison

Mantle dynamics is controlled from the top and always has been

Don Anderson

The Jack Hills zircon record: what do we really know?

Simon Wilde

Hadean plate tectonics - fact or fiction?

Martin Whitehouse

Viable early plate tectonics in a gravitationally depleted hot upper mantle.

Geoff Davies

Constraints on the past operation of the plate tectonic regime and the earth´s thermal history

Zvi Garfunkel

Theoretical arguments about when plate tectonics began

Peter van Keken

Thermal-petrological constraints on when plate tectonics began

Shigenori Maruyama

Plate tectonics in the early Earth: Limitations imposed by rheology

Jeroen van Hunen

Evidence that plate tectonics, after initiation, has stopped and restarted.

Paul Silver

Evidence that eclogite-forming reactions may have been suppressed in Archean time

Marcia Bjornerud

Why Archean plate tectonics might have looked different

Andrew Hynes

Paleomagnetic constraints on when PT began

Sergei Pisarevsky

The search for a paleomagnetic "smoking gun" for Proterozoic plate tectonics

David Evans

A geochemical approach to the search for plate tectonic signatures in old rocks

Juliean Pearce

Petrological or tectonic control of trace element signatures of early crust?

C. Michael Lesher

Crust formation in the early Earth prior to the onset of subduction - an analogue study from the Oman ophiolite

Hugh Rollinson

Record of an Archaean subduction zone: 3.2 Ga high-pressure, low-to-medium-temperature metamorphism in the Barberton terrain, South Africa

Gary Stevens

Using trace elements to define the PT conditions of TTG genesis.

Jean-Francois Moyen

Archean Plate Tectonics: Isotopic evidence from samples of the lithospheric mantle to the upper crust

Steven Shirey

Shallow subduction in a late Archean orogen: Evidence from 2.67 Ga diamond-bearing lamprophyres and xenoliths

Derek Wyman

The importance of the lithospheric mantle keel for preserving early Archaean arcs

Balz Kamber

Selective survival of crust

Paul Morgan

Calculating crustal recycling and growth is critically depended on when subduction began

David Scholl

Hf-isotopes and crustal growth: The case for detrital zircons

Paul Mueller

Ocean plate stratigraphy in Tertiary to early Archean accretionary orogens: oceanic plate accretion and subduction through time

Brian Windley

Geochemical evidence for Archean plate tectonics in the 2.7 to 3.0 Ga Uchi Subprovince, northern Ontario, Canada

Pete Hollings

The balance between vertical tectonics at the greenstone belt scale and lateral tectonics at subprovincial scale in the Superior Province between 3 Ga and ~2.7 Ga.

P. C. Thurston

Crustal-scale Deformation and the Signature of Late Archean Terrane Suturing, Southeastern Superior Province, Canada

Keith Benn

Geological and geophysical evidence for 3.0-2.7 Ga plate interaction in assembly of the western Superior Province, Canada

John Percival

2.67 Ga high-P granulites from the northern Teton Range record the oldest Himalaya-type orogeny in North America

Ron Frost

Elmer's Rock Greenstone Belt, Laramie Range, SE Wyoming: Clues to Archean Plate Tectonics?

Suzanne Smaglik

The ca. 3.0 Ga Ivisaartoq greenstone belt, SW Greenland: A Mesoarchean supra-subduction zone oceanic crust

Ali Polat

Origin of the 3.4 Ga old BIF-bearing lavas of the Iron Ore Group of the Eastern Indian Craton in a back-arcbasin

Asish Basu

A challenge for plate tectonics - 500 million years of episodic granite magmatism in the Archean Yilgarn craton

Paul Sylvester

Examples of horizontal tectonics in the Archean

Alfred Kroner

A delamination driven catalytic model for genesis of Archaean cratonic crust and mantle; A verticalist alternative to uniformitarianism.

Jean Bedard

Jormua-Outokumpu ophiolites:Origin at short-lived ensialic rift or within passive margin of a major Paleoproterozoic ocean?

Petri Peltonen

Structural and metamorphic constraints on the geometry of deformation in a Paleoproterozoic orogen, southern Hualapai Mountains, Arizona

Chloe Bonamici

Mid-Proterozoic accretionary belts in the Amazonian Craton: evidence of major long-lasting subduction?

Umberto Cordani

Timanian orogeny & Late Neoproterozoic subduction

Victoria Pease

Tectonic Settings of Archean Sedimentary Basins

K. A. Eriksson

Passive margins and their terminal collisions through Earth history

Dwight Bradley

Evidence from Ore Deposits about when Plate Tectonics Began

Mark Barley

What is the metamorphic hallmark of plate tectonics and when does this imprint first appear in the rock record?

Michael Brown

Delineating subduction polarity based on different PT-evolutions of basement gneisses in the Meso-Archaean Barberton Mountain Land, South Africa

Annika Dziggel

Seismic evidence for Paleoproterozoic and Archean plate tectonic structures

Ronald Clowes

Insights from deep seismic reflection profiles

Arie van der Velden

Accretionary growth of Paleoproterozoic Fennoscandia: results from deep seismic experiments BABEL, FIRE and SVEKALAPKO

Annakaisa Korja

Seismic images of the Palaeoprotezoic lithosphere in the Baltic Shield

Pekka Heikkinen