MBE Module

The molecular beam epitaxy module is equipped with two 100cc electron-beam evaporation sources (MBE Komponent) currently configured for Si and Ge growth on 100 mm substrates.    These e-beam sources are extensively shielded with Si plates to assure purity of the films deposited. Doping effusion cells for boron and phosphorous are also included. The chamber has several integral cooling shrouds for control of the ambient in the presence of the various sources.  Source shutters are computer controlled and the Si or Ge beam flux is monitored utilizing a quadrupole mass spectrometer in a cross-beam geomtery.  Film growth epitaxial quality is monitored with a 30keV Staib RHEED source.  The substrate manipulator provides heating to 1200 C and rotation during growth.

The module is integrated with the deposition and annealing modules to enable the control of interfaces throughout the growth process.


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