Lessons Learned by Leading Researchers in Science and Education | Conceptual Framework

Dr. Nix and Sundance (her dog) in the field, Colorado

Creating an Integrated Science Learning Environment

Dr. Rebekah Nix

Creating an ISLE | 01 Welcome to Lessons Learned
Creating an ISLE | 02 Course Overview
Creating an ISLE | 03 Course Logistics
Creating an ISLE | 04 Course Background
Creating an ISLE | 05 ISLE Model Rationale
Creating an ISLE | 06 Influence of Personal Experience
Creating an ISLE | 07 Today's Educational Environment
Creating an ISLE | 08 Course Activities
Creating an ISLE | 09 Getting Ahead...


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The purpose of this lesson is to:

  • review the key logistical aspects of this course,

  • provide a conceptual framework to guide your impending coursework, and

  • introduce the basics of constructivist practice, information technology integration, and authentic evaluation in the context of science education.