Lessons Learned by Leading Researchers in Science and Education | Conceptual Framework


Creating an Integrated Science Learning Environment, Dr. Rebekah Nix

Course Logistics

At this point, let's review some of the more important logistical details of this course. There is a lot of great information about learning online, navigating the various interfaces, and getting help on the UT-TeleCampus website. Don't forget that's all just a click away: uttc.org

Once you're in the course, like now, you can use the buttons in the course menu (pictured to the left of this text) to jump around the main course elements intuitively.

If you need to contact me, just click on the Instructor button. Email is your best bet as I'm rarely in the office, but almost always connected!

Even though we never meet face-to-face officially, this is a Ďrealí course, so donít think that you can just click your way through for credit. You will work independently and within an assigned small Workgroup team. You canít succeed in this course without doing both.

(Note that you will only be able to see the workgroup to which you are assigned. This is a 'private' area for you and your teammates. Other classmates will be working in their respective team areas, but they cannot see what your team does in your workgroup discussion.)

So, it is very important that you complete items by the due dates listed in the syllabus.

If you haven't already done so, carefully review the current course syllabus. Click on the Syllabus button to find it - and other items to help you succeed in this course.

(Although you donít have to purchase any texts or materials for this course, you do need a reliable internet connection and some freeware plug-ins/players, like Acrobat Reader. If you havenít run the UTTC browser checker THIS SEMESTER, do that as soon as possible!)

Please mark your personal calendars accordingly so that you keep up! This course is instructor-paced, meaning that the lessons will appear in the course on the date specified in the 'open on' column. You have the entire week to complete tasks by the date specified in the 'due by' column, so plan and use your time wisely. All work must be completed to pass, but points will be deducted for missing any deadline.

With those basics, letís get back to the lesson at hand!

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