AIR: YOU are THE key!

promoting air quality awareness in north Texas classrooms


Air is a critical resource that most of us take for granted. Virtually invisible, it is a difficult concept to master and a challenging topic to teach. This website is designed to support the integration of hands-on, inquiry-based activities with current tools and resources to create a positive, technology-infused learning environment.


Environmental action begins with environmental literacy. By providing teachers with the content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and technology tools needed to make a positive impact in their classrooms, we can encourage action interaction and reactions to air quality issues. Focusing on ecological knowledge, and social and political knowledge, and sustaining environmental resources in a personally-relevant context will develop the critical foundation required for action.


Experience is always the best teacher! This project was catalyzed by a 2004-2005 Community Grant Program Award from the North Texas Clean Air Coalition funded by TXU Energy. Additional support from PASCO Scientific, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Ft. Worth in particular, enabled The University of Texas at Dallas - through its Teacher Development Center and Science Education Department - to acquire the necessary tools, to explore the critical resources, and to present model lessons in a real-world setting. Providing the foundation and practicing the techniques will help teachers put into practice what they learn in the seminar. Follow-up research will document the long-term project impact on the classroom.

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