Assessment Ideas

Air quality can be a varied as learning and teaching styles!

Think about ways to engage and inspire lifelong learners to help keep the air clean in north Texas and elsewhere...


A-I-R Spinner Activity

Environmental action begins with environmental literacy. Air is a critical resource that most of us take for granted. Virtually invisible, it is a difficult concept to master and a challenging topic to teach. The ‘AIR Spinner’ is designed to help community members think about what they can do to improve the air quality by focusing on ecological knowledge, and social and political knowledge, and sustaining environmental resources. The goal is to place this understanding within a personally-relevant context to develop a critical foundation. Knowing about current action, provides a springboard for teacher-student-parent interaction, and ultimately, may result in environmentally-sound reaction to air quality issues.

Materials (per person):

  • ‘Topper’ template, printed on white paper or cardstock

  • Colored pencils, crayons, or pens (age-appropriate)

  • Scissors

  • Transparent tape (double-sided recommended)

  • Thread or string for hanging (12 inches minimum), if needed

  • ‘Spinners’ or streamers (optional)




1  Review why air quality is important

2  Discuss what you can do to help improve the air

Refer to:

3  Distribute materials (listed above)

4  Help students color in the sponsor logos (on the right half) to match teacher model or internet display

5  Instruct them to ‘color’ the background area (of the right half) with a clear sky made up of healthy air

6  Ask students to ‘fill in’ the letters along the outside edges (AIR, YOU, ARE, THE, KEY)

7  Direct students to draw scenes of what they (individually, locally, and/or globally) can do to help improve the air right here and now!

8  Cut along the dashed lines to make four strips (one for each scene)

9  Fold the strips in half to facilitate easy assembly

10 Place tape along one side of each strip

11 Join the pieces (mind the text order) by ‘zipping’ strips together

12 Insert the spinner or thread/string (plus streamers) through the center

13 Hang, enjoy, and remember that YOU are THE key to clean AIR!


plus more to be added...