Award of Merit of Canadian Operational Research Society Citation

“Suresh P. Sethi is Professor of Operations Management and Director of the Laboratory for Manufacturing Research in the Faculty of Management, University of Toronto.  He has a B. Tech. (Hons.) from IIT Bombay, an MBA from Washington State and MSIA and Ph.D. degrees from Carnegie Mellon.  He joined U. of T. in 1973 as an Assistant Professor.  Five years later, at the age of 32, he was promoted to full Professor, and in 1994 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.  Professor Sethi has made fundamental contributions in a variety of research areas such as management applications of optimal control theory, decision and forecast horizons in dynamic optimization problems, optimal consumption/investment problems, scheduling and computational complexity, and hierarchical decision making in stochastic manufacturing systems.  His publications include over 200 scholarly articles in a variety of fields and journals, of which over 40 are in operational research, as well as two books.

In summary, Professor Sethi is one of our most distinguished members.  The breadth and depth of his work form a remarkable combination richly deserving of recognition by a CORS Award of Merit.”