The following presentation files are for those who will be teaching using Optimal Control Theory, Applications to Management Science and Economics, Second Edition by S. P. Sethi and G. L. Thompson and students wishing to print the presentation materials for class. The Prosper files are in pdf format and can be read using Acrobat Reader. They are the most current and take into consideration changes made to the book since its publication in 2000. The PowerPoint files are older and may not be as current.

Book Chapter Prosper Files PowerPoint Files
Chapter 1 Chapter1.pdf Chapter1.ppt
Chapter 2 Chapter2.pdf Chapter2.ppt
Chapter 3 Chapter3.pdf Chapter3.ppt
Chapter 4 Chapter4.pdf Chapter4.ppt
Chapter 5 Chapter5.pdf Chapter5.ppt
Chapter 6 Chapter6.pdf Chapter6.ppt
Chapter 7 Chapter7.pdf Chapter7.ppt
Chapter 8 Chapter8.pdf Chapter8.ppt
Chapter 9 Chapter9.pdf Chapter9.ppt
Chapter 10 Chapter10.pdf Chapter10.ppt
Chapter 11 Chapter11.pdf Chapter11.ppt
Chapter 12 Chapter12.pdf Chapter12.ppt
Chapter 13 Chapter13.pdf Chapter13.ppt

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Last updated: 1/21/2016

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