Sumit Sarkar

Charles and Nancy Davidson Chair and Professor of Information Systems

Director, PhD Programs

Academic Director, ICDRiA

PhD, University of Rochester

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SM 3.422, School of Management

University of Texas at Dallas

Phone: 972.883.6854, Fax: 972.883.2089

Email: sumit[at]utdallas[dot]edu

Research Interests

My research focuses on the management of data and knowledge in business environments. My early research centered on the representation of uncertainty, and reasoning under uncertainty, for decision making in automated and semi-automated environments. This included, in the context of databases, the representation of uncertainty in relational databases using probability calculus and reasoning mechanisms to deal with such uncertainty in the data. In the context of knowledge-based systems, I have worked on efficient representations of uncertainty (again using probability measures), as well as learning knowledge-based structures from data. That work has led to several research streams. In one stream, I examine the impact of information quality on decision making, developing mechanisms to estimate the quality of information derived from imperfect data. Another stream looks at ways to reconcile information originating from diverse imperfect data sources. A third stream looks at ways to minimize data privacy concerns that arise when organizations share data with each other. More recently, I have been working in the area of personalization and recommendation systems, studying how patterns of user behavior can be used to learn customer profiles and to improve recommendations in online commerce. Another area of research examines software release policies.

Selected Publications

Personalization and Recommendation Technologies

A. Ghoshal, S. Menon and S. Sarkar “Recommendations Using Information from Multiple Association Rules: A Probabilistic Approach,” Information Systems Research, pp. 532-551, vol. 26, no. 3, September 2015.


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Data Privacy

X. Li and S. Sarkar “Digression and Value-Concatenation to Enable Privacy-Preserving Regression,” forthcoming in MIS Quarterly.


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Software Release

Z. Jiang, S. Sarkar and V. S. Jacob “Post Release Testing and Software Release Policy,” Information Systems Research, pp. 635-657, vol. 23, no. 3 (part 1 of 2), September 2012.

Z. Jiang and S. Sarkar “Speed Matters: The Role of Free Software Offer in Software Diffusion,” Journal of Management Information Systems, pp. 207-240, Vol 26, No. 3, Winter 2009-2010.

Information Quality and Decision Making

S. Raghunathan and S. Sarkar “Competitive Bundling in Information Markets: A Seller-Side Analysis,” forthcoming in MIS Quarterly.

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Representing Uncertainty in Databases

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Reasoning Under Uncertainty: Bayesian Networks

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Verification/Validation of Expert Systems

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Stochastic Shortest Path

I. Murthy and S. Sarkar, "Stochastic Shortest Path Problems with Piece-Wise Linear Utility Functions," Management Science, pp. S125-S136, vol. 44, no. 11, part 2 of 2, November 1998.

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Business Process Reengineering

D. Ghosh, S. Sarkar, and P. Dardeau, "Knowledge-Based Simulation for Business Process Redesign," International journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance, and Management, vol. 6, pp. 163-176, 1997.

Professional Activities

- Distinguished Fellow of the Information Systems Society, INFORMS

- Program Co-Chair, International Conference on Information Systems, 2001

- Program Co-Chair, Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, 1999

- President, Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, Inc., 2013-2015

- Vice President and Secretary, Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, Inc., 2000-2003

- Secretary, the INFORMS Society on Information Systems, 2000-2005

- Senior Editor, Information Systems Research, 2005-2007

- Senior Editor, MIS Quarterly, 2013-2015

- Associate Editor, Management Science, 2005-present

- Associate Editor, ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 2012-present

- Associate Editor, Information Technology and Management, 1998-present

- Associate Editor, Risk and Decision Analysis, 2008-present

- Associate Editor, Information Systems Research, 1999-2003

- Guest Associate Editor, Management Information Systems Quarterly

- Guest Associate Editor, Production and Operations Management

- Served/serving on the INFORMS Sub-Divisions Council, WITS Advisory Board, ICIS Steering Committee