Tue. Aug. 25, 2015      23rd IEEE Intl. Requirements Engineering Conference (RE 2015), Ottawa, Canada
Tue. Aug. 25, 2015      23rd IEEE Intl. Requirements Engineering Conference (RE 2015), Ottawa, Canada

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Fifth International Workshop on Requirements Patterns (RePa’15)

Accepted Papers

Ordering Interrogative Questions for Effective Requirements Engineering – the W6H Pattern

Mujahid Sultan1 and Andriy Miranskyy2

(Government of Ontario1, Ryerson University2)

Cataloguing Provenance-Awareness with Patterns

André Luiz De Castro Leal1, José Luis Braga2 and Sergio Manuel Serra Da Cruz3

(Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro1, Universidade Federal de Vicosa2 and UFRRJ3)

Reusing Knowledge on Delivering Privacy and Transparency Together

Olena Zinovatna and Luiz Marcio Cysneiros

(York University)

Patterns of Co-evolution between Requirements and Source Code

Mona Rahimi Jane Cleland-Huang

(DePaul University)

Building Social Sustainability into Software: Case of Equality

Maryam Al Hinai and Ruzanna Chitchyan

(University of Leicester)

HAZOP-based Approach to Patterns Identification for Non-functional Requirements

Sylwia Kopczyńska and Jerzy Nawrocki

(Poznan University of Technology)

Using Correctness, Consistency and Completeness Patterns for Automated Scenarios Verification

Edgar Sarmiento1, Julio Leite1 and Eduardo Almentero2

(PUC-Rio and Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro1 and UFRRJ2)