Anastasia Hudman


I am a U.S. citizen seeking a cybersecurity internship for Summer 2017 in areas such as networking and network security, pen testing, vulnerability assessment, mitigation, IT infrastructure, and other analytic roles.


M.S. in Computer Science, Information Assurance Domain
*Concurrent enrollment with B.S.; GPA currently not applicable
Graduation: May 2018

B.S. in Software Engineering, Information Assurance Domain
GPA: 3.757
Graduation: December 2016

Honors and Awards:

  • NSF Sponsored CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service
  • Engineering & Computer Science Honors Program
  • Dean's List
  • Top 10% Scholarship

Technical Skills

Programming Languages:    Java, C++, C, MIPS (Assembly)
Modeling Languages:          UML, EER
Operating Systems:             Windows, Mac OS X, Kali Linux
Software:                            AccessData FTK, AccessData FTK Imager, VMware Workstation, Sequel                                               Pro, IBM RSA, NetBeans IDE, JavaFX, Microsoft Visual Studio IDE

Relevant Coursework

Information Security
Intelligent Cybersecurity Tools
Digital Forensics
Database Design
Computer Networks
Operating Systems Concepts
C & C++ Programming in a UNIX Environment
Data Structures & Algorithmic Analysis
Software Engineering Project
Software Testing
Software Architecture & Design
Requirements Engineering
Software Project Planning & Management
Software Engineering
Computer Architecture
Computer Science II (Java Programming)
Computer Science I (C++ Programming)

Academic Projects

Multi-Client Server File Hosting Application
Worked with a partner to create a multi-client server file hosting application utilizing sockets and threads in Java. The server allowed clients to add, remove, or retrieve files collaboratively.

Library Management System
Designed a complete Library Management System involving thousands of existing records of books, hundreds of user accounts, and multiple library branches. The application allowed librarians to check book availability, modify user accounts, and check books in and out. Incorporated a JavaFX user interface and MySQL database.

Language Skills

Russian - Native Speaker
Spanish - 3 years of experience

Extracurricular Activities

UT Dallas Computer Security Group
Vice President Spring 2016, Secretary Fall 2015
Coordinated with companies and other student organizations to organize computer security events and activities for students. Helped organize and create challenges for a Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition in order to introduce freshmen to computer security.

Hardware Experience
Built high-end computers capable of graphics intensive processes after researching and selecting specific parts.