Somdeb Sarkhel


Academic Projects

  • Weighted Max-Sat Solver using Logic Programming: Design and Implementation of a Weighted Max-Sat solver in Prolog. The problem is modeled as a Mixed Integer Program. Input is specified as dimacs file format … [more ] (Java, Prolog, CLPR, CLPFD)

  • Graphical Link Analysis for Research Papers: Design and Implementation of a search engine of research papers. Output is a graphical view of paper's clusters according to a clustering algorithm and relevance topic … [more ] (Raphael.js, Java, Spring)

  • Cell Phone based Activity Detection using Markov Logic Network: Design and Implementation of an experiment and signal processing algorithm to classify the activities performed by a set of people based on the and Iphone's sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) The data set was modeled as a Markov Logic Network … [more ] (Java, Alchemy, Weka)