Tammy Leonard


Senior Lecturer and Associate Department Head

Economics Program, University of Texas at Dallas


Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School













About Me

I am an economist specializing in interdisciplinary applications of labor (primarily health) economics, behavioral economics and spatial analysis methods. From 2009-2012, I have managed The Fair Park Neighborhood Study--a large, interdisciplinary National Science Foundation funded project studying the impact of public investment in light rail on child development and academic achievement in a low-income neighborhood. Through the project I have developed expertise in studying neighborhood impacts on housing and household behavior and in applying spatial econometric estimation techniques. A key aspect of this project is integration of behavioral economics and spatial analysis to better understand a diverse set of outcome variables: financial participation, housing, obesity, nutrition, child behavior, education and household finances. I am also the lead research consultant for the Hunger Center, a research center within the North Texas Food Bank and have been principally involved with the development of the Hunger Center’s Longitudinal Client Database. Other notable research activities include using spatial econometric techniques to analyze the effects of foreclosures on local housing markets, using hedonic methods to value non-market goods, and using large panel data sets to understand individual savings behavior. I have worked closely with a diverse group of researchers and practitioners including researchers from the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, the North Texas Food Bank, Crossroads Community Services, the Dallas Women’s’ Foundation, faculty from the University of Texas School of Public Health and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.



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Intermediate Microeconomics

Applied Macroeconomics

Experimental Economics

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