Research Statement:

Research interests include; internationalization of the firm, cross-cultural communications, internationalization of market orientation, globalization of markets, role of culture in international marketing, born globalization, Euromarketing, operationalizing and internationalizing the niche’ marketing as well as corporate strategic information management.

Have been citted by several authors (in about 10 textbooks) and in a direct reference by Professor Philip Kotler in his Marketing Management textbook (9th. and 10th. Editions, 1996 & 2000) and have about 10 citations in the Social Science Citations Index (2000).


1-Marketing en Kwaliteit (Marketing and Quality),1994-jointly with Maarten Leeuw, (Deventer:Kluwer, The Netherlands-in Dutch).

2-Strategic Information Management-MBA Course Workbook, 1994-joint author-(Oxfordshire:Henley Management College).

3-Readings in Strategic  Information, 1993-Editor, (Oxfordshire: Henley Management College-For Henley MBA ).

4-Strategic Management & Information Technology,1989-jointly with  Michael O’Reilly, (Dublin: River Valley Publications).

5-Informatics and Technology ,1983, (Ankara: AITIA-in Turkish).

6-Key to Turkish Science-Management Abstracts-Editor-5-volumes-1971-1976. (Ankara: Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council).

Book Chapters:

1-“Market Orientation and Its Implementation” (2000) in: The Oxford Textbook of Marketing-Keith Blois (Ed.), Oxford University Press, pp.20-37.

2-“Strategic Alliances and Localization in International MBA : The European Approach” (1993) in: Internationalizing Business Education: Meeting the Challenge-Tamer Cavusgil-(Ed.)-East Lansing: MSU Press.

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Refereed  peer reviewed journal  articles:

1-“Doing Business in Turkey” with S. Tamer Cavusgil and E. Civi (2001), Thunderbird Review of International Business (Forthcoming).

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19- “The Role of Interfirm Comparison Systems in the Process of Management Strategy - A Comparative Study between Ireland and the United Kingdom” (1984), Accountants’ Observer.

Refereed Proceedings:

1-“Market Orientation, Marketing Competence and International Company Performance” (with Gary Knight) in: John P. Workman Jr. and William D. Perrault Jr. (Eds.)-“Marketing Theory and Applications” Vol.11 (San Antonio, Texas-AMA Winter Educators’ Conference-2000). Received the Best Paper Award for the Global Marketing Track.

2-“Defense Strategies of Incumbent Firms against the multinationals” with F. Karakaya (1999)-AMA Summer Educators’ Conference (San Francisco).

3-“Market Orientation and Learning Organization-A Study among Dutch Exporters” (1998)-with Paul Breman, Developments in Marketing Science, Vol.21 (AMS Conference Proceedings-AMS Central Office: Coral Gables: University of Miami)

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6-“Indscales: Do They Hold for International Markets?” (1997)-with Jack van Minden-
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7-“Market Orientation in Hi-Tech Industries: The Case of Benelux Electronics Companies” (1996)-with Arend van der Weijden-Developments in Marketing Science, Vol.19, (AMS Conference Proceedings-AMS Central Office: Coral Gables: University of Miami).

8-“Internationalization of Food Retailers-The Case of Dutch Companies” (1993) with  Harry Bloemen-(Erem et al.-Eds) Proceedings of World Marketing Congress, Istanbul, Turkey.

9-“Niche` Marketing: Basic issues and constructs “ (1993)-with Maarten Leeuw, Developments in Marketing Science, Vol. 16 (AMS Conference Proceedings-AMS Central Office: Coral Gables: University of Miami).

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12-“Irish-American Trade Link: A Cultural Dimension in the Country-of-Origin Phenomenon” (1988) Proceedings  of  North  East  Business  &  Economics  Association,  George Hachey (Ed)-Hartford University, USA.

13-“Transfer of Management Technology to Ireland by Multinationals” (1987) with Paul Lavalle, Developments in Marketing Science, Vol. 10 (AMS Conference Proceedings-AMS Central Office: Coral Gables, University of Miami).

14-“Strategic Management and Office Automation-A Comparative Study Between Ireland and Europe” (1987) with John Forde, Computer  Technology  for  Today  and Tomorrow - Proceedings  of  Annual  Conference  of  North  American  Computer  Users’ Group, University of  Michigan.

15-“Strategic Market Planning in the Irish Banking Sector” (1986) with Peter Ryan,  Developments in Marketing Science,  Vol. 9 (AMS Conference Proceedings-AMS  Central Office: Coral Gables, University of Miami),

16-“Imitative Innovations: A Product Strategy from the Newly industrialized Countries - The Turkish Case” (1986) Developments in Marketing Science, Vol. 9 (AMS Conference Proceedings-AMS Central Office: Coral Gables, University of Miami).

-Manuscripts in  Review:

1-“Making Foreign Market Visits an Integral part of International Marketing Teaching” for International Marketing Review.

2-“ Two Different Types of Market Orientation- Conceptual Conclusions from the Literature”-with Paul Blackhurst  for Journal of World Business.

3-“Defense strategies of local marketers against the international companies”-with F. Karakaya for International Marketing Review.

4-“Market Orientation, Marketing Competence and International Company Performance”-with Gary Knight for Journal of Marketing.

-Book Reviews: Published in the following academic journals:

Journal of Euromarketing, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of Teaching in International Business, Advances in Business Studies-An Irish Review, Journal of Academy of Marketing Science and Journal of Consumer Marketing.

Academic Journals Editorial Review Board Membership:

-Founding Editor,  Advances  in  Business  Studies - An  Irish  Review,  Dublin: DIT. (1987-Present).

-International Marketing Review (1998-Present).

-European  Journal  of  Marketing,  MCB  Press,  UK. (1992-Present).

-Journal  of  Teaching  in  International   Business,  Haworth Press Inc. New York, USA.

-Journal  of  International  Marketing,  American Marketing Association, Cihcago, USA. (1990-2001).

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