“How to Cool the Planet” by Jeff Goodell  




Goodell's book, written in 2010, has the basic premise that however much manmade global warming is occurring, cutting down on our CO2 emissions will have virtually no effect on it.  (He does want the world to eventually stop emitting CO2, but he realizes that with the increases from China, India and other developing countries, it's going to increase for decades, no matter what the US does.

So Goodell shows how many climatologists and other scientists have arrived at the conclusion that the only way to realistically control global warming is to use geo-engineering methods.  These are methods that can cool the planet quickly and inexpensively, even in the short run.  For instance, the eruption of the volcano in Mount Pinatubo in 1991 lowered the Earth's temperature by 1 to 2 degrees for a few years.  We could mimic this by sending sulfate particles into the stratosphere.  The negative consequences are minimal, and it could start cooling the Earth immediately.  The cost: about $30 billion per year - virtually nothing compared to any CO2 reduction schemes, and those won't work.

If you're interested in realistic solutions to global warming, this is the book to read.


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