Case Study Guidelines
For Accessing Information and Observing
In The Callier Child Development Preschool

The Callier Child Development Preschool is located in four buildings:
C,E,F,G. Each time you are in the preschool you must sign in and out
in room C104 which is the Education Division Office. There is a
clipboard  in C104 where you will sign your
name, check that you are a student, indicate your arrival time, and
write that the purpose of your visit is to observe for your AH
Class/look up an audiogram/review IEP recommendations, etc . Be sure
to sign out on this same sheet when you leave the preschool. You must
wear your name tag during all visits/observations.

Remember that you are in a working preschool office and parents come
first - if there are parents or other professionals talking with the
secretaries in the education division office, please wait until they
have completed their conversations. Try not to interrupt or be in the
way! Be courteous and polite - there is very little room in this office so
use your best judgement about whether you have come at a good
or not so good time. In other words, don't wait until the last minute
to access your information so that if the office is really busy you can
come back at a later time.

For children who are enrolled in the Callier Preschool, their most
recent audiograms are kept in a notebook in the office. You
will need to identify yourself as a graduate student doing a case study
for Dr. Thibodeau and that you would like to see the
audiogram book. You cannot take the audiogram book out of the office
area so be prepared to bring paper to write down the information you

When you need to access information about ARD and placement
recommendations, those files are also located in the Education Division
Office in C104. The same rules apply as above. Those files cannot
leave the office and are not to be copied. Be prepared to write down
your information. will need.

If you need to schedule a classroom visit, please call  214-905-3094
and identify yourself as a graduate student of Dr.
Thibodeau  and that you are participating in a case
study of ________________. Ask to schedule an observation of your
child's classroom. Observations can only be done between the hours of
8-1 for children 4 and under and 8-2 for kindergarten children. The best
times to observe are mornings before lunch.

Dress Code: Casual clothes including tennis shoes, jeans, and shorts
are acceptable however, shorts need to be at least fingertip length (no
wind shorts, leggings, tight shorts, unhemmed shorts, etc.) and jeans
must not be too tight, too faded, or have any holes in them. Do not
wear shirts with logos or advertisements that would not be appropriate
in the preschool environment - please!
- become part of the environment

- interact as appropriate, but remember you are there to observe not to

- do not engage the teachers in long conversations that take their
focus away from their children

The parents of the children participating in your case studies have
graciously given permission for you to call them and ask them questions
about their experiences with gathering audiological information and
deciding on class placement. Please be courteous and brief when
talking with them on the phone. You will be given the appropriate
parent names and phone numbers with your case assignment.