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"World's First Ear-Level Speech Processor"
For those of you interested in fitting your child with a cochlear implant, Cochlear Corporation has developed the "World's First Ear-Level Speech Processor." This design fits the processor inside the BTE casing that houses the microphone, thus, eliminating the wires and large casing of the previous speech processor. (Photo courtesy of Cochlear Corporation, 1997)

The BTE FM System
Phonic Ear manufactures an ear-level FM receiver system which fits conveniently inside of BTE casing. This arrangement is perfect for active school-aged children who wear out the wires and casing of the standard body-level FM systems. (Photo courtesy of Phonic Ear Inc. © 1997 Phonic Ear Inc.)

Colored Hearing Aids
Oticon manufactures BTE hearing aids in a wide variety of fun color combinations such as: Energized Emerald (emerald/orange), Fusion Fuchsia (fuchsia/purple), Polarized Purple (purple/emerald), and Sonic Sunburst (yellow/blue). The hearing aids are also available in Cosmic Clear. (Photo courtesy of Oticon, 1994)

Huggies are plastic rings designed to keep BTE hearing aids on a child's ear. There are two loops which fit snuggly around the hearing aid, and are connected to a larger loop which fits around the pinna (outer portion of the ear). These are ideal for children who have a difficult time, for one reason or another, wearing hearing aids.

For more information about Huggies, contact:
837 NW 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

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