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  • "The Analytical Study of Terrorism: Taking Stock," Journal of Peace Research, Vol 51(2), March 2014. - Open Access Link -
  • "Immigration Policy and Counterterrorism," Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 110, February 2014.* - Open Access Link -
  • "Foreign Direct Investment, Aid, and Terrorism," Oxford Economic Papers, January 2014.* - Open Access Link -
  • "Buchanan Clubs," Constitutional Political Economy, December 2013, - Open Access -
  • "An Empirical Study of Suicide Terrorism: A Global Analysis," Southern Economic Journal, Vol. 80, forthcoming 2014.* - Download in PDF , Replication Notes in PDF, Attack_Specific_Domestic, Attack_Specific_Total, Attack_Specific_Transnational, Country_Specific_Domestic, Country_Specific_Total, Country_Specific_Transnational
  • "Winning the War on Terror: Supply-Side Perspective," Defence and Peace Economics, Vol. 24, April 2013 - Download in PDF
  • "Determinants of the Demise of Terrorist Organizations" Southern Economic Journal, April 2013.* - Download in PDF, Data, Dofile, Supplementary Tables
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  • "Terrorist Attack and Target Diversity: Changepoints and Their Drivers," Journal of Peace Research, January 2013.* - Download in PDF
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  • "The Dilemma of the Prisoners' Dilemmas," KYKLOS, No.1, 2005. - Available from Sandler or Arce upon e-mail request.
  • "After 9/11: Is It All Different Now?," Journal of Conflict Resolution, April 2005. - Download in PDF
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  • "Pure Public Goods Versus Commons: Benefit-Cost Duality," (with Daniel Arce), Land Economics, August 2003 - Download in PDF
  • "Collective Action and Transnational Terrorism," World Economy, June 2003 - Download in PDF
  • Downloads of five data files for the Hirofumi Shimizu and Todd Sandler paper on "Peacekeeping and Burden Sharing: 1994-2000" - GDP - Non UN PK Personnel Contributions in US Dollars - Numbers of Non UN PK Personnel - Population - UN PK Financial Contributions
  • An Evolutionary Game Approach to Fundamentalism and Conflict," (with Daniel Arce), Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, March 2003 - Download in PDF
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  • "Economics of Alliance: The Lessons of Collective Action," Journal of Economic Literature, September, 2001 with Keith Hartley - Download in PDF
  • Sandler's Vita - Download in PDF

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