Tomoki Ohsawa

Research Interests

My research interests are in Hamiltonian dynamics in a broad sense. Specifically, I have been studying the following topics:

  • Quantum dynamics, semiclassical mechanics, and quantum control

    Schroedinger vs. Semiclassical       Reconstruction

  • Optimal control theory

    Discrete Hamilton-Jacobi
  • Nonholonomic dynamics (dynamics of mechanical systems under non-integrable constraints, e.g., rolling and sliding constraints)

    Nonholonomic Systems
I am particularly interested in the geometric aspects involved in these dynamical systems:
  • Symplectic, Poisson, and contact geometry associated with the above systems

    Geometric Mechanics
  • Hamilton–Jacobi theory and its generalization to constrained dynamics

  • Dirac structures and their applications to constrained dynamics

    Lagrange-Dirac System
  • Reduction by symmetry

    Reduction       SymplecticReduction

  • Structure-preserving numerical integrators

    Energy Error