Active collaborations WITH OTHER Principal investigators



Dr. Christa McIntyre

Another UVa alumnus, who trained with Paul Gold and later with Jim McGaugh. We use inhibitory avoidance learning as a paradigm to assess limbic system plasticity in vivo and in vitro.

UTD has proven to be a good place for collaborative research projects, both on our own campus and also with neuroscientists at Dallas's stand-alone medical center, UTSW.

Undergraduate and graduate researchers in my laboratory benefit from additional interactivity with neuroscientists outside my laboratory.

Dr. Aage Moller

Former editor of Hearing Research, and a world-renowned expert in tinnitus, neuroplasticity and intraoperative monitoring. We collaborate on studies examining non-classical pathway plasticity in experimental models of tinnitus.

Dr. roddy mccall

Roddy, an electrical engineer, has helped guide functional imaging programs at UTSW for well over 15 years. We collaborate on functional imaging studies of age-dependent BOLD changes in limbic and cerebellar ROIs during eyeblink-conditioning tasks.

Dr. james Bibb

James has multiple publications phenotyping CdK5-knockout mice, which exhibit enhanced spatial learning and memory. CdK5 phosphorylates NR2B subunits, marking receptors for removal from the synapse, so the knockout prolongs NMDA receptor lifecycles. We have been characterizing unique place-cell properties in these mice.

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A joint-appointee between our Neuroscience group and UTD's Dept. of Electrical Engineering. We collaborated on prototyping and testing of a new chronic multiple tetrode implant that is light-weight, easily assembled and tested, and has the advantage that each tetrode has its own independently tuned microdrive assembly.