web links for neuroscientists




Pubmed - catalog of the National Library of Medicine, your passport to published research, in reverse chronological order.

Google Scholar - search by investigator, topic, etc. Citation history and more.

eJournals - UTD Library electronic journal access. Download .pdf files.

General Resources

Society for Neuroscience - links to SFN meetings, member directory, Journal of Neuroscience, educational resources, etc.

Virtual Neuroscience - lots of links to diverse neuroscience labs, programs, and journals.

NeuroGuide - links by the chief of Neurology, Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Neuroscience Answers - better than you'd think compendium from Answers.com.

Google Neurobiology - Google links sorted topically.

Wiki Neuroscience - crowdsourced encyclopedic compendium, quality and quantity rapidly improving.

Neuropharmacology Resources

Internet Rx - Prescription drug references (refereed by the editors of WebMD).

Clinical Pharmacology - Subscription drug reference service.

Neurophysiology Resources

Axon Guide - An excellent primer to biophysics and neurophysiology, from Axon Instruments.

Virtual Neurophysiology Lab - a somatosensory neuron interactive tutorial, from Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

HHSim - a graphical Hodgkin-Huxley simulator. Includes source code.

Neuromethods - buffers, preparations, and techniques.

Aging Resources

NIA - National Institute on Aging. U.S. government resources for aging research.

AAR - Alliance for Aging Research. NGO dedicated to research accelerating the understanding of aging.