Group meetings and Seminars

Fall 2011

Date Speaker Title
11/18/2011 Ahmed Hesham MIMO Gaussian Channels With Arbitrary Inputs: Optimal Precoding and Power Allocation
11/04/2011 Yang Li Noncooperative Cellular Wireless with Unlimited Numbers of Base Station Antennas
10/20/2011 Thuy Nguyen Threshold Saturation via Spatial Coupling: why convolutional LDPC ensembles perform so well
09/30/2011 Thuy Nguyen Matched information rate codes for partial response channels
09/23/2011 Ahmed Hesham Feasibility condition for interference alignment with diversity
09/16/2011 Yang Li The Capacity Region of the Gaussian Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Broadcast Channel
09/09/2011 Thuy Nguyen Achievable Rates and outer bound for the half-Duplex MAC with Generalized Feedback
08/12/2011 Ahmed Hesham communication over MIMO broadcast channels using Lattices-basis reduction

Summer 2011

Date Speaker Title
07/08/2011 Ahmed Hesham Lattice Reduction
06/24/2011 Thuy Nguyen An Achievable Rate for the Multiple Level Relay Channel
06/10/2011 Ahmed Hesham Mutual information and minimum mean square error in gaussian channel
06/03/2011 Thuy Nguyen Signal-space characterization of iterative decoding
05/20/2011 Ahmed Hesham Downlink Interference Alignment

Spring 2011

Date Speaker Title
04/19/2011 Yang Li Statistical Beamforming on the Grassmann Manifold for the Two-User Broadcast Channel.
04/07/2011 Yang Li Energy-Efficient Cooperative Communication Based on Power Control and Selective Single-Relay in Wireless Sensor Networks
03/31/2011 Thuy Nguyen Fading broadcast channels with state information at the receivers
02/25/2011 Thuy Nguyen In Praise of Bad Codes for Multi-Terminal Communications"
02/17/2010 Yang Li Capacity scaling of MIMO relay networks
01/28/2011 Thuy Nguyen LDPC Codes of Fading Gaussian Broadcast channelsCommunications
01/20/2011 Yang Li The throughput–reliability tradeoff in block-fading mimo channels
01/05/2010 Thuy Nguyen Sphere-Bound-Achieving Coset Codes and Multilevel Coset Codes

Fall 2010

Date Speaker Title
09/03/2010 Ahmed Hesham Communication over the Grassmann Manifold: A geometric approach to the noncoherent multiple antenna channel
09/10/2010 Yang Li Capacity of a mobile multiple-antenna communication link in Rayleigh flat fading
09/17/2010 Thuy Nguyen High-rate codes that are linear in space and time
10/08/2010 Ahmed Hesham Linear Capacity Scaling in Wireless Networks: Beyond Physical Limits
10/29/2010 Yang Li Noncoherent MIMO Communication: Grassmannian Constellations and Efficient Detection
11/05/2010 Thuy Nguyen Multilevel Codes: Theorrtical concepts and Practical design rules
11/11/2010 Ahmed Hesham Linear DMT optimality of LR-aided linear decoders for a general class of channels, lattice designs, and system models
11/26/2010 Thuy Nguyen Sphere-Bound-Achieving Coset Codes and Multilevel Coset Codes

Summer 2010

>Model-Based Compressive Sensing
Date Speaker Title
05/21/2010 Xing Hua
06/03/2010 Ahmed Hesham The Capacity of Wireless Networks: Information-Theoretic and Physical Limits
06/10/2010 Yang Li Capacity Limites of MIMO Channels
06/25/2010 Thuy Nguyen Noisy network coding
07/02/2010 Xing Hua Random Projections of Smooth Manifolds
07/08/2010 Yang Li Aiming Perfectly in the Dark - Blind Interference Alignment through Staggered Antenna Switching
07/15/2010 Thuy Nguyen Adaptive network coded cooperation (ANCC) for wireless relay networks: matching code-on-graph with network-on-graph
07/22/2010 Ahmed Hesham Interference Alignment for Cellular Networks
07/29/2010 Yang Li Approaching the Capacity of Wireless Networks through Distributed Interference Alignment
08/13/2010 Xing Hua K-SVD: An Algorithm for Designing Overcomplete Dictionaries for Sparse Representation
08/20/2010 Thuy Nguyen Coding for Errors and Erasures in Random Network Coding

Spring 2010

Date Speaker Title
01/22/2010 Mohamed AbolSoud On the Diversity Multiplexing Tradeoff in Multiple-Relay Network
01/29/2010 Yang Li What is a Spectrum Hole and What Does it Take to Recognize One?
02/05/2010 Thuy Nguyen Parity Forwarding for Multiple Relay Networks
02/12/2010 Ahmed Hesham TBD
02/19/2010 Xing Hua TBD
02/26/2010 Mohamed AbolSoud TBD
03/05/2010 Yang Li TBD
03/12/2010 Thuy Nguyen TBD
03/19/2010 Ahmed Hesham TBD
03/26/2010 Xing Hua TBD
05/13/2010 Mohamed AbolSoud TBD

Fall 2009

Date Speaker Title
12/04/2009 Ahmed Hesham Spectrum Sharing between Wireless Networks
11/20/2009 Thuy Nguyen Low-Density Graph Codes That Are Optimal for Binning and Coding With Side Information
11/13/2009 Yang Li Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks: Efficient Protocols and Outage Behavior
10/30/2009 Xing Hua Compressed Sensing
10/23/2009 Ahmed Hesham Estimation Diversity and Energy Efficiency in Distributed Sensing
10/9/2009 Mohamed AbolSoud Coding and Decoding for the Dynamic Decode and Forward Relay Protocol
10/2/2009 Thuy Nguyen Channel Polarization: A Method for Constructing Capacity-Achieving Codes for Symmetric Binary-Input Memoryless Channels
09/25/2009 Thuy Nguyen Channel Polarization: A Method for Constructing Capacity-Achieving Codes for Symmetric Binary-Input Memoryless Channels
09/18/2009 Yang Li Degrees of Freedom of the MIMO Interference Channel With Cooperation and Cognition
09/11/2009 Ahmed Hesham Information Theoretic Operating Regimes of Large Wireless Networks
09/04/2009 Mohamed AbolSoud Outage analysis of Block-Fading Gaussian Interference Channels
08/28/2009 Thuy Nguyen Performance of Fountain Codes in Collaborative Relay Networks

Summer 2009

Date Speaker Title
08/21/2009 Yang Li Compute-and-Forward: Harnessing Interference through Structured Codes
08/14/2009 Ahmed Hesham Ergodic Fading Interference Channels:Sum-Capacity and Separability
07/31/2009 Negar Bazargani The bootstrap and its application in signal processing
07/24/2009 Mohamed AbolSoud Finite-SNR diversity-multiplexing tradeoff for correlated Rayleigh and Rician MIMO channels
07/17/2009 Thuy V Nguyen Nested Linear/Lattice Codes for Structured Multiterminal Binning
07/10/2009 Dr. Aria Tutorial of Fountain Codes
07/03/2009 Yang Li Sensing in cognitive radio channels: A theoretical perspective
06/26/2009 Ahmed Hesham On Ergodic Sum Capacity of Fading Cognitive Multiple-Access and Broadcast Channels
06/19/2009 Negar Bazargani Survey on Independent Component Analysis
06/12/2009 Mohamed AbolSoud Optimal Relay-Subset Selection and Time-Allocation in Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Networks
06/05/2009 Thuy V Nguyen Approximately universal codes over slow-fading channels
05/29/2009 Yang Li The MIMO ARQ channel: Diversity-multiplexing-delay tradeoff
05/22/2009 Ahmed Hesham Joint Source and Channel Coding for MIMO Systems: Is it Better to be robust or Quick

Spring 2009

Date Speaker Title
05/15/2009 Negar Bazargani Markov chain Monte Carlo and Gibbs sampling
05/08/2009 Mohamed AbolSoud Diversity-Multiplexing tradeoff of the Two-User Interference Channel
05/01/2009 Thuy V Nguyen The case for structured random codes in network capacity theorems
04/24/2009 Youngsam Yoon Distributed Beamforming for information transfer in sensor networks
04/17/2009 Yang Li Slepian-Wolf and Wyner-Ziv Problems
04/10/2009 Ahmed Hesham The impact of CSI and power allocation on Relay Channel capacity and cooperation strategies
04/03/2009 Negar Bazargani Regularized Spectral Matching for Blind Source Separation. Application to fMRI Imaging
03/27/2009 Mohamed AbolSoud Multiple Multicasts with the Help of a Relay
03/13/2009 Ramy Tannious Fundamental Limits of MIMO Broadcast Channels
03/06/2009 Thuy Nguyen Code Designs for Cooperative Communication
02/27/2009 Youngsam Yoon Collaborative Beamforming for Distributed Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
02/20/2009 Yang Li Wireless Network Information Flow
02/06/2009 Ahmed Hesham Capacity and mutual information of wideband multipath fading channels
01/30/2009 Negar Bazargani On the Performance of Autocorrelation Estimation Algorithms for fMRI Analysis
01/23/2009 Mohamed AbolSoud Diversity and Multiplexing Tradeoff of Spatial Multiplexing MIMO Systems With CSI
01/16/2009 Thuy Nguyen Capacity With Causal and Noncausal Side Information: A Unified View
01/09/2009 Youngsam Yoon Breaking Spectrum Gridlock with Cognitive Radios: An Information Theoretic Perspective
01/02/2009 Yang Li Signal Space Diversity: A Power-and Bandwidth-Efficient Diversity Technique for the Rayleigh Fading Channel

Fall 2008

Date Speaker Title
12/18/2008 Ahmed Hesham Deterministic Approach to Wireless Relay Networks
12/12/2008 Negar Bazargani Filtering of colored noise for speech enhancement and coding
12/05/2008 Ramy Tannious Code diversity in multiple antenna wireless communication
11/21/2008 Mohamed AbolSoud The Gateway Channel: Outage Analysis
11/14/2008 Thuy V Nguyen Writing on dirty paper
11/07/2008 Mohamed AbolSoud Cooperative Strategies for the Half-Duplex Gaussian Parallel Relay Channel: Simultaneous Relaying versus Successive Relaying
10/31/2008 Negar Bazargani Robust Gaussian and non-Gaussian matched subspace detection
10/24/2008 Ramy Tannious Energy-Efficient Cooperative Relaying over Fading Channels with Simple Relay Selection
10/10/2008 Mohamed AbolSoud Adaptation, Coordination, and Distributed Resource Allocation in Interference-Limited Wireless Networks
10/03/2008 Negar Bazargani Compressed Sensing
09/26/2008 Ramy Tannious Sphere decoding
08/22/2008 Group Multisource, multi-destination, multi-relay wireless networks
08/29/2008 GroupThe Factor Graph Approach to Model-Based Signal Processing