Theory of Complex Functions I

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01/22/09 The second homework assignment has been posted and is due Wednesday, 1/28. If you did not receive an email about this, please contact me so I can get your correct email address.
02/04/09 For the third homework, you may do your choice of p.37 #5 (which was written on the assignment sheet) or p.37 #4. The clarification sent out by email was for #4.
02/09/09 The course page is being moved to WebCT. Please check there for homework solutions, current assignments, etc. I won't update this page anymore but will leave it here until the transition is complete.



Course notes

Chapter 1: 01/12 01/14

Chapter 2: 01/14 01/21 01/27 02/02 (with corrections) 02/04


Exercises - Assignment 3 due 2/9.