Umit G. Gurun
Professor of Accounting and Finance

University of Texas at Dallas
800 W Campbell Rd. SM 41
Richardson, TX  75024
Phone: (972) 883-5917
Skype ID: umit.gurun
Email: umit.gurun [at]

Curriculum Vitae

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Brief Biography

Umit Gurun is professor of accounting and finance at the University of Texas at Dallas. He received his PhD from the Michigan State University. He is a past visiting professor at University of Texas at Austin (2010-2011) and Harvard University (2014). He is an associate editor of Management Science and a research economist at NBER. Professor Gurun's research focuses on a variety of issues in empirical asset pricing and corporate finance, including impact of financial media and advertising on asset prices. He is particularly interested in the ways that networks affect firm values and investor portfolio allocation. His research has been published in top finance and accounting journals, including the Journal of Finance, the Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Accounting Research. His recent research relates to the effects of patent litigation on corporate innovation. In this vein, he has been awarded a National Science Foundation grant to investigate the effects of patent litigation policy on innovation outputs. Finally, his research has also attracted attention in the popular press, with cites in the Wall Street Journal, Institutional Investor, and the Economist.

Selected Working Papers

[1] Trust Busting: The Effect of Fraud on Investor Behavior   
        with Noah Stoffman and Scott Yonker.
(April 2016)

[2] Patent Trolls: Evidence from Targeted Firms   
        with Lauren Cohen and Scott Kominers.
(April 2016)

[3] Lender Response to Peer and Customer Restatements   
        with Rebecca Files.
(August 2015)

[4] Shielded Innovation   
        with Lauren Cohen and Scott Kominers.
(July 2015)

[5] Benefits of Publicity         
(December 2015)

Selected Refereed Publications

[1] Umit G. Gurun, Gregor Matvos, and Amit Seru, "Advertising Expensive Mortgages"   
        Journal of Finance, forthcoming. DOWNLOAD PDF

[2] Lauren Cohen, Umit G. Gurun, and Chris Malloy, "Resident Networks and Corporate Connections: Evidence from World War II Internment Camps"   
        Journal of Finance, forthcoming. DOWNLOAD PDF

[3] Alex Butler, Jess Cornaggia, and Umit G. Gurun, "Substitution between Sources of Finance in Consumer Capital Markets"   
        Management Science, forthcoming. DOWNLOAD PDF

[4] Lauren Cohen, Umit G. Gurun, and Scott Duke Kominers, "The Growing Problem of Patent Trolling"   
        Science, 29 April 2016. THREE-MINUTE VIDEO SUMMARY OF THE PAPER

[5] Umit G. Gurun, Rick Johnston, and Stan Markov, "Sell Side Debt Analysts and Market Efficiency"  
        Management Science, 2015. DOWNLOAD PDF

[6] Zhi Da, Umit G. Gurun, and Mitch Warachka, "Frog in the Pan: Continuous Information and Momentum"   
        Review of Financial Studies, 2014. DOWNLOAD PDF

[7] Umit G. Gurun and Alex Butler, "Donít Believe the Hype: Local Media Slant, Local Advertising, and Firm Value"  
        Journal of Finance, 2012. DOWNLOAD PDF   INTERNET APPENDIX

[8] Alex Butler and Umit G. Gurun, "Educational Networks, Mutual Fund Voting Patterns, and CEO Compensation"   
        Review of Financial Studies, 2012. DOWNLOAD PDF

[9] Willam M. Cready, and Umit G. Gurun, "Aggregate Market Reaction to Earnings Announcements"   
        Journal of Accounting Research, 2010. DOWNLOAD PDF


National Science Foundation - Innovation Policy Grant   
        with Lauren Cohen and Scott Kominers (2015-2018).

Real Estate Research Institute Grant: "Fire Sales: Good Deals or Price of Low Quality"   
        with Irem Demirci and Erkan Yonder (2015-2017).

Service to Profession

Associate Editor
        Management Science

Ad Hoc Referee
        American Economic Review
        Journal of Finance
        Review of Financial Studies
        Journal of Accounting Research
        Accounting Review
        Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
        Management Science
        Review of Finance
        Review of Accounting Studies, and others

        2015 AFA - Discussant
        2015 AEA - Discussant
        2015 FMA Napa Program Committee
        2015 FMA Annual Meeting Program Committee
        2014 FMA Annual Meeting Program Committee
        2013 FMA Annual Meeting Program Committee
        2013 RFS Cavalcade Program Committee
        2013 Midwest Finance Association meeting Program Committee

Research Presentations

Conference presentations (including presentations by co-authors)
        NBER 2015 Behavioral Finance.
        NBER 2015 Law and Economics.
        NBER 2014 Real Estate.
        NBER 2014 Innovation.
        NBER 2013 Behavioral Finance.
        NBER 2012 International Trade.
        NBER 2011 Consumer Finance.
        Western Finance Association 2011, 2016*.
        American Finance Association 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.
        Texas Finance Festival 2009, 2016.
        Journal of Accounting Research Conference 2009.
        American Accounting Association Meeting 2005, 2010, 2011.
        Financial Management Association 2005, 2009, 2010.

Talks given at other universities (own presentations only)
        2016: University of Illinois at Chicago, Queen's University
        2015: DePaul, Mannheim University, University of Zurich, Sabanci University
        2014: Harvard Business School, HKUST, Singapore Management University
        2013: University of South Florida
        2012: Australia National University, University of Melbourne, Michigan State University
        2010: University of Texas at Austin
        2009: Georgia State University, University of Alabama
        2008: Michigan State University
        2004: University of Texas at Dallas