Dr. Upender Subramanian, Associate Professor of Marketing

       Office: SOM 13.508 (Mailstop SM 32)

       Email: [email protected]

       Phone: 972-883-6525


Research Interests

       Two-sided Markets, Distribution Channels, Competitive and Collaborative Strategies, Behavioral Economics, Experiments, Game Theory


Published Research

      Your Uber is Arriving: Managing On-Demand Workers through Surge Pricing, Information Sharing and Worker Incentives with Harish Guda. Management Science Forthcoming. Accepted version here.

      Sharing Economy: Review of Current Research and Future Directions with Chakravarthi Narasimhan, Purushottam Papatla, Baojun Jiang, Praveen Kopalle, Paul Messinger, Sridhar Moorthy, Davide Proserpio, Chunhua Wu and Ting Zhu. Customer Needs and Solutions. Nov 2017

       Information Sharing, Advice Provision or Delegation: What Leads to Higher Trust and Trustworthiness? with zalp zer, Yu Wang. Management Science. Jan 2018. Accepted version here.

       Leveraging Experienced Consumers to Attract New Consumers: An Equilibrium Analysis of Displaying Deal Sales by Daily Deal Websites with Ram C. Rao. Management Science. Dec 2016.

      Platforms: A Multiplicity of Research Opportunities. with S Sriram, Puneet Manchanda, Mercedes Esteban Bravo, Junhong Chu, Liye Ma, Minjae Song and Scott Shriver. Marketing Letters. Aug 2014.

      Strategic Value of High-Cost Customers with Jagmohan S. Raju and Z. John Zhang. Management Science, Feb 2014.

       Exclusive Handset Arrangements in the Wireless Industry: A Competitive Analysis with Jagmohan S. Raju and Z. John Zhang. Marketing Science, March 2013.

-          Finalist, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award.

-          Finalist, Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award.

       Competitive Consequences of Using a Category Captain with Jagmohan S. Raju, Sanjay K. Dhar and Yusong Wang. Management Science, October 2010.

-          Managerial article based on this research is available here.


Working Papers / Under Review

      Informational Content of Buyback Contracts with Shouqiang Wang and Haresh Gurnani. Current version here.

      Strategic Implications of Acquiring Information in a Distribution Channel. Current version here.



       Marketing Decision Making (MKT 6339)

       Marketing Predictive Analytics using SAS (MKT 6337)

       Principles of Marketing (MKT 3300)


Professional Experience

       2016 Present. Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Texas at Dallas.

       2009 2016. Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Texas at Dallas.

       2002 2004. Business Planning, Pre-Sales. Sasken Communication Technologies, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

       2000 2002. Business Planning, Pre-Sales. Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.



2009. PhD in Marketing. Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

       2000. MBA. Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore). India.

       1998. BTech in Electrical Engineering. Indian Institute of Technology (Madras). India.