Personal Webpage of Dr. Upender Subramanian




·       2009. PhD in Marketing. Wharton, University of Pennsylvania.

·       2000. MBA. Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore. India.

·       1998. BTech in Electrical Engineering. Indian Institute of Technology - Madras. India.


Professional Experience

 ·       2009 – Present. Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Texas at Dallas.

 ·       2002 – 2004. Business Planning, Pre-Sales. Sasken Communication Technologies, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

 ·       2000 – 2002. Business Planning, Pre-Sales. Analog Devices India Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


Research Interest

 ·       Competitive and Collaborative Strategies, Distribution Channel Arrangements, Game Theory


Published Research

·       Competitive Consequences of Using a Category Captain with Jagmohan S. Raju, Sanjay K. Dhar and Yusong Wang. Management Science, October 2010.

-          Managerial article based on this research is available here.    

·       Exclusive Handset Arrangements in the Wireless Industry: A Competitive Analysis with Jagmohan S. Raju and Z. John Zhang. Marketing Science, March 2013.

-          Finalist, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award.

-          Finalist, Frank M. Bass Dissertation Paper Award.

·      Strategic Value of High-Cost Customers with Jagmohan S. Raju and Z. John Zhang. Management Science, Feb 2014.

·      Platforms: A Multiplicity of Research Opportunities. with S Sriram, Puneet Manchanda, Mercedes Esteban Bravo, Junhong Chu, Liye Ma, Minjae Song and Scott Shriver. Marketing Letters. Aug 2014.

·       Leveraging Experienced Consumers to Attract New Consumers: An Equilibrium Analysis of Displaying Deal Sales by Daily Deal Websites with Ram C. Rao. Management Science. Published Online, Mar 2016.

·       Information Sharing, Advice Provision or Delegation: What Leads to Higher Trust and Trustworthiness? with Özalp Özer, Yu Wang. Accepted at Management Science. Accepted version available here.


Selected Working Papers

·      Strategic Implications of Acquiring Information in a Distribution Channel. Under review at Marketing Science. Current version available here.

 ·      Competitive Customer Portfolio Management with Jagmohan S. Raju, Z. John Zhang. Working paper.  



·       Principles of Marketing (MKT 3300)

·       Marketing Decision Making (MKT 6339)



·       Office: SOM 3.702 (Mailstop SM 32)

·       Email: [email protected]

·       Phone: 972-883-6525