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[Oct 2011] NSF has awarded UTD team a MRI grant of $700K (Profs Overzet, JB Lee, Hu, etc) for Raith 150 e-beam system.

[Sept 2011] Walter Hu received a grant from NSF CBET to investigate effects of E-field on biosensing.

[Aug 2011] Walter Hu received a grant from NSF AIR to develop Si FemtoSensor chip for diabete diagnostics.

[July 2011] Eric Chen has successfully passed thesis defense for his master degree in mechanical engineering with title "Polymer Jetting Rollable Nanoimprint Process and System". Congratulations!

[June 2011] We are awarded a grant by TexMED program to develop protable sensors for type 2 diabetes.

[April 2011] Ruhai and Suresh's work on Si nanowire biosensor is publishsed on Lab on a Chip. Congratulations!

[Feb 2011] Kru's work on Si nanowire FETs is published on Nano Letters. Congratulations!

[Jan 2011] We received a $50K gift from Texas Instruments and also TRIP funding for developing Si sensors. Thanks to TI!

[June 2010] Walter received NSF CAREER award to develop
tiny nanowire sensor for single molecule detection and high specificity.

[June 2010] Our group gave four talks at EIPBN internaional conference 2010 (Suresh, Yi, Mukti, Walter). Walter gave an invited talk about high performance sub-5 nm nanowire transistors.

[Jan 2010] Our group received a grant from Texas Medical Consortium to develop nanowire biosensor for prostate cancer with UT Arlington and Texas
Research Institute of Health.

[Nov. 2009] Walte
r gave a talk about nanowire biosensor and another talk about nanoimprint solar cells in AVS 2010 annual conference at San Jose, CA.

[Sept 2009] Walter gave a talk titled "Nanoscale Electronic Biosensor" in CIE - Green Technology Symposium to Dallas community.

[Sept 2009] Mukti's paper on 3D chain alignment in nanoimprinted P3HT nanostructures for solar cells is accepted by ACS Nano. Congratulations!

[Aug. 2009] Kru's paper on Nano-OLED is accepted by journal: Nanotechnology. Congratulations!

[July 2009] Xinrong Yang from TI has joined our group to design sensor circuitry and chip. She will be co-advised by Walter and Prof. Dian Zhou.

[June 2009] Walter, Krutarth, Li, and Mukti attended EIPBN 2009 conference at Marco Island, FL. We have given 4 oral presentations and 3 poster presentations. More details:

[May 2009] We were awarded $330K from National Science Foundation to develop nanostructured organic solar cells in three years.

[April 2009] Fatih's work on polymer nanorods by nanoimprint is published on SMALL.

[Dec. 2008] Adam's paper on cell-substrate interaction is published on Biomaterials.

[2007 Aug. ] Welcome Fern Yoon on board!

[2007 Aug. ] Dr. Hu gave an invited talk at IEEE International Conference on NanoMedicine at Macau China. Dr. Gao gave a talk at IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology at Hongkong China.

[2007 May] We had a good time at Denver...16th Mall street and Rocky Mountain!

[2007 April]
Our paper is accepted as oral presentation at 2007 IEEE Nano Conference to be held at HongKong, China. Title: Surface Energy Induced Patterning of Polymer Nanostructures for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy
Authors: Wenchuang (Walter) Hu, Li Tao, Adam Crouch, Fern Yoon, Heather Hillebrenner, Jagadeesh Setti Guthi, and Jinming Gao.

[2007 April]
Adam Crouch gave a talk at MRS Spring meeting at San Franscisco, CA, April 12, 2007. The title of the talk is: " Reversal nanoimprint and non-destructive nano-metrology for biomimetic tissue engineering nanoscaffolds ".

[2007 March]
We have 5 abstracts accepted by 2007 EIPBN conference to be held at Denver. Rayan and Walter will give oral presentations. Li, Krutarth, and Adam will present posters there.

[2007 Feb]
Rayan Alassaad's gave a poster presentation at SPIE-Advanced Lithography conference at the end of Feb, 2007 at San Franscisco, CA. His paper is about advanced scatterometry for nanolithography.

[2006 Nov]
Our DLC paper appears in JVST B Nov issue, 2006. [PDF]

[2006 Nov]
Li Tao gave a presentation at MRS Fall meeting at Boston MA, Nov. 29, 2006. Conference Paper [PDF]

[2006 Oct]
Rayan Alassaad's abstract is accepted at SPIE-Advanced Lithography conference in Feb 2007 at San Franscisco, CA. His paper is about advanced scatterometry for nanolithography.

[2006 Oct]
Li Tao's abstract is accepted as an oral presentation on MRS Fall meeting at Nov. 29, 2006 at Boston, MD. His paper is about nanofabrication of diamond like carbon stamps for nanoimprint lithography.

[2006 Oct]
Mukti Aryal and Suresh Regonda have joined our group from Physics Dept. of UT Dallas. Welcome!

[2006 Sept]
Moncrief Foundation has awarded us funding for nanocapsules project (in collaboration with Prof. J.M. Gao).

[2006 Sept]
Air Force SPRING-UTD program has awarded us a 2-year funding to make the world's smallest organic light emitting diodes.


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