Courses I am teaching.

My teaching interests are in the areas of integrated circuits fabrication, process integration, semiconductor devices, nanolithography (e-beam lithography, nanoimprint lithography, photolithography), and nanostructured materials, and biomedical applications.

Currently, I am teaching regularly on EE/MSEN 6322 Semiconductor processing technology for Fall semesters and EEMF 4330 IC Technology for Spring semesters. Besides these, I have developed a course: EEMF/MSEN/MECH 6348 Lithography and Nanofabrication. This course is typically offered to graduate students in Departments of Electrical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering in the spring semesters annually. Course materials are available in e-learning.

In the future, I plan to develop courses on nanostructures for medical applications with examplary topics of biosensing and nanomedicine.


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