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e-Biosensor Discovery Program (2010-Present)  
The "e-Biosensor Discovery Program" is a new outreach program developed by Prof. Hu, as supported by National Science Foundation Career Award (No. ECCS #0955027), to expose undergraduate students and high school students to develop simple bioFETs kits (example shown in the left figure ) and to explore wide applications of biosensing. Available sub-tasks are formulated to fit requirements of semester project, independent study, researh hours, senior design projects, and summer intern, etc. These sub-tasks include microprocessor (TI's MS430) based reader device, IC sensor chip package and test, software, surface chemistry, and application tests, etc. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Hu and schedule interview and lab visit.

Students supported by the program:

- Wenyao Li, Amy Zhang, Hongbin George Du, Winfred Li - Highschool students, 2015 Summer
- Shoshana Zhang, Winfred Li - Highschool students, 2014 Summer
- Ahmed K. Alahmady, Senior chemistry undergraduate - UTD, 2013 spring
- Mohammad Adlouni, senior chemistry undergraduate - UTD, 2012 fall
- Darius James, freshman - Morehouse College - 2011 summer volunteer
- Priyanka Garigipati, junior high - Plano East - 2011 summer volunteer
- Scott M. Carlson, senior EE undergraduate - UTD - 2011 summer intern

Nano-COMET (2008-2011)
The Nano-COMET or COllaborative Mentored Experience in nano-Technology is a new outreach program developed by Prof. Hu, supported by National Science Foundation (No. ECCS-0901759), to expose undergraduate students and transfer students from community colleges to nanotechnology research. Undergraduate students can pick any project listed in my research section and will be mentored by graduate students and post-docs. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Hu and schedule a short interview and lab visit. For students who have demonstrated excellent research results, a $500 non-competitive Nano-COMET scholarship may be awarded.

Previous volunteers: 2010: Scott M Carlson, Jaekyu Hyun, Youhan Choi, Devansh Trivedi; 2009: Long B Nguyen; 2008: Brady Spenrath
Industry Mentors: 2010-2011: Mr. Ming Chiang, Mr. Bill Wu, and Mr. Gary Kendall (Many thanks!)
Undergraduate Research Scholar Award Program,
Sponsored by Office of VP for Research of UTD. Visit the website for details. My group can be your sponsor.
Nano-Explorer program, Nanotech Institute
Our group participates in the nanoexplorer program. If you are interested in our projects, please contact me and we can be your host. For application, visit the program website.


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