Updated on Dec, 2014

A quick tutorial on how to glue sensors on the tongue

EMA AG series (Electromagnetic Articulograph, Carstens GmbH, Germany) and Wave system (NDI Inc., Canada) are two available electromagnetic devices that have been increasingly used for speech movement studies. However, sensor falling off during data collection may be one of the biggest obstacles for obtaining reliable data. This quick video tutorial shows how we attach tongue sensors on a subject's tongue. This approach is used with both devices.

Step 1.  Dry the tongue surface using Dry-Angle
Step 2.  Put one drop of glue on the sensor side that will be flipped and then touch the tongue surface
Step 3.  Using a tongue depressor to hold the sensor for a few seconds (10 or more);  flip the tongue depressor to avoid stickiness to the tongue.
Step 4.  [Optional] Put one more drop of glue on the root of the attached tongue sensor, if needed. Then hold it again for a few seconds using a tongue depressor.

Other relevant procedure and setup (e.g., sensor locations) are described in my papers using EMA or Wave. If you want to give credit, please cite any of my recent papers.

Operator: Jun Wang.  Thanks Dr. William Katz, Kelly Fazel,  Kristi Shewmaker, Bruce Gerrity, and Mark Brewer for their help to produce the video.