Scalar-Function-Driven Editing on Point Set Surfaces

Project Members

Xiaohu Guo, Jing Hua, Hong Qin

Center for Visual Computing

Department of Computer Science

State University of New York at Stony Brook

In this paper we propose a new modeling paradigm for local and global editing on point set surfaces. The proposed technique unifies the topological advantage of implicitly defined surfaces, the strength of physics-based modeling techniques, and the simplicity of point-sampled surfaces. The implicit representation not only affords powerful local surface sculpting and global freeform deformation, but also enables users to modify the topology of the sculpted point-set easily. We have developed a variety of editing toolkits that can dynamically manipulate the implicitly defined point-set surface and perform global and local free-form deformations, interactive sketching, embossing, and smoothing easily. Our experiments demonstrate that the proposed methodology augments the current point set based modeling techniques with the new and powerful editing scheme.
Keywords: Point Set Surface, Level-set Surface, Interaction Techniques, Free-Form Deformation, Digital Topology